REPORT: Inmate Escapes Custody Two Times In Two Months

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An inmate in Iowa allegedly escaped custody two times in two months, KCCI reported Wednesday.

The inmate, Austin Wheeler, signed himself out of a transitional center March 27 before he was arrested April 6, KCCI reported. The April 6 arrest came after Wheeler allegedly did not return to the transitional center, with his case ultimately being dismissed two days later, according to the outlet.

Wheeler was arrested again on an allegedly drug-related charge when police followed a tip and located him May 26, KCCI reported, citing court documents. Police found the suspect in the backseat of a car at a Burger King in Indianola and reportedly found marijuana inside the vehicle. Wheeler was with two other individuals at the time. The driver of the vehicle and the other passenger told police Wheeler had allegedly bought and sold marijuana, according to the outlet.


Wheeler was then taken into custody and was being treated May 29 at MercyOne Newton Medical Center, according to court documents, KCCI reported. Wheeler managed to escape from a county employee and flee before he was found and apprehended the following day in Grundy County, Missouri, according to the Warren County sheriff, the outlet reported. (RELATED: Police Say Juvenile Inmates Overpowered Guards To Escape Prison, Took Off In Car)

Wheeler is now in custody at the Polk County Jail, according to KCCI.

Earlier in May, convicted murderer Gonzalo Lopez allegedly stabbed a corrections officer and escaped from a prison bus in Texas after reportedly getting out of his restraints. The prison bus was headed toward Centerville at the time.

Inmate Casey White also made headlines when he allegedly escaped from the Lauderdale County Detention Center in Florence, Alabama, with the help of corrections officer Vicki White, with whom he was believed to have had a two-year relationship, according to authorities.