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Top 5 Best Male Enhancement Pills: Top Sex Pills In 2022

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Men often face several challenges in terms of their health. It could be low energy, sex drive, desire, depression, anxiety, and others. When this happens, using male enhancement pills can come in handy in improving your health generally. If you use the top male enhancement pills, you should start to expect improved energy, sexual performance, elevated mood, and so much more.

Of course, you will come across thousands of options for male enhancement products, but not all will do a good job. We have created a comprehensive list to guide you better to pick the best male enhancement pill. Keep reading.

Editor’s Choice

Performer 8

  • Can skyrocket sexual desire
  • It can prevent premature ejaculation
  • May improve erection hardness

What Are Male Enhancement Pills?

Male enhancement pills are generally dietary supplements made to improve a man’s sexual health. These supplements often claim to do through increasing the blood flow to your penis as a way of improving the erection duration. These pills also claim to improve arousal, performance, and stamina.

The male enhancement pill manufacturers often use specific ingredients as a way of making the pills good at their job. Some of these ingredients include Ashwagandha, maca root, Yohimbe extract, and black ginger. You should always expect more ingredients as a way of improving the efficacy of a product.

Top 5 Best Male Enhancement Pills of 2022

  1. Performer 8 – Editor’s Choice
  2. TestoPrime – Best for Boosting Testosterone
  3. Prime Male – Best for Blocking Estrogen
  4. Max Performer – Best for Hard Erections
  5. Vigrx Plus – Best for Boosting Libido

1. Performer 8


  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping available
  • Made using natural ingredients


  • Tends to have limited stock

Ingredients: Muira Puama, ashwagandha, ferrous Bisglycinate, Maca, Panax Ginseng, Barrenwort, Pine Bark, Glucuronolactone, Grape Seed extract.

How Does It Work: It features up to nine powerful and natural ingredients that can support overall sexual performance. This will include sex stamina, penis girth, hardness, and libido.

Dosage: 3 capsules per day

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Performer 8 is a top male enhancement pill for anyone to consider mostly because it is a natural and safe product. It is also proven to work because of the many positive reviews it gets. As you can see, it would generally help improve your sex life. There is an effective dosage also that is vital for the best results. Users mostly claim to experience better blood flow to the penis after using the product.

The product is also among the top male enhancement formulas because it can prevent premature ejaculation. It is a common problem among men, but once you start using the product, it can minimize it from happening more often. You also get to experience improved girth of your penis due to more blood flow.

Most users claim to have a boost in confidence and self-esteem. Of course, when your sexual stamina and sexual arousal are improved, you feel good about yourself. Some claim to also experience better energy vital to satisfy their partners.

2. TestoPrime


  • Offers effective dosages
  • It is a safe and natural formula
  • No prescription is needed


  • Expensive when buying single bottles

Ingredients: D-aspartic acid, ginseng, ashwagandha, fenugreek, pomegranate extract, green tea extract, vitamin D, Zinc, garlic extract, black pepper vitamin B6 and B5.

How Does It Work: The product helps to signal the body to make more testosterone vital for male enhancement such as more energy, libido, strength, focus, and more.

Dosage: 4 capsules per day

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This is another male enhancement pill that you need among the many options on the market. It is made to help improve your endurance by over 90%. Let us say you work out more often, you will quickly notice how your endurance is now improved. It does this by improving oxygen consumption so that you end up with more nitric oxide. This is key for long-lasting energy.

Fat metabolism is also key to improving your health. Luckily, this product would help in converting the fat you have stored in the body. As such, you find yourself losing weight in the end. As you are losing weight, you also experience more muscle growth. That is what a testosterone booster such as this one would do.

The 100% satisfaction guarantee is quite impressive. You would now get it knowing just how good it is that the manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee. Well, the manufacturer also claims to use a scientifically researched formula. This is key to getting you high-quality products always.

3. Prime Male


  • Can block estrogen and prolactin
  • Improves production of luteinizing hormone
  • Can improve your energy


  • It takes longer to see results

Ingredients: D-aspartic acid calcium, black pepper, boron

How Does It Work: It works by improving testosterone levels through boosted luteinizing hormone. It also blocks estrogen and prolactin hormones.

Dosage: 4 capsules daily

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This is another key male enhancement pill to buy today. Its work would be to boost your testosterone in the body. When you boost testosterone, you are likely to experience additional benefits such as more energy, strength, libido, elevated moods, and weight loss if you workout more often.

The D-AA-CC will be a good ingredient to take note of. This is a natural amino acid vital for signaling the hypothalamus to release the crucial luteinizing hormone. This hormone is what leads to increased testosterone production in your testes. Those who use the product often experience a 42% increase in testosterone.

This product would still block estrogen and prolactin. Men do not need such hormones. When there is too much estrogen, you end up with low testosterone levels. The manufacturer claims you would get to reduce the estrogen levels by 39% in the first one week of using the product. This must a great product if it can help you achieve such benefits.

4. Max Performer


  • Experience harder erections
  • May increase sexual desire
  • Can lead to stronger and intense orgasms


Ingredients: Horny goat weed, maca, red Korean ginseng, cordyceps, Bioperine, selenium, and zinc.

How Does It Work: The product signals the body to send more blood to the penis for improved and sustained erections.

Dosage: 2 tablets per day

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Max Performer is among the top male enhancement supplements because it promises what most men would want in a male enhancement supplement. We are talking of bigger and harder erections, better sexual desire, improved sexual performance, and many others. That is why some may easily vote for it to be among the best male enhancement pills.

The product also gives you a 100-day money-back guarantee. Having 100 days as a guarantee sends the message that it is a quality product. When it comes to making returns, you should expect that the support team will do a good job in making it happen. Even when you have other questions, expect to get your answers fast.

Ingredients such as the horny goat weed can be instrumental to boost sexual performance as it will increase blood flow to the penis. Most people should now experience improved nerve stimulation and sustained erection as a bonus.

5. VigRX Plus


  • 67-day money-back guarantee
  • Can help with low libido
  • Will boost sex drive


  • A few complaints of diarrhea after using the pills

Ingredients: Bioperine, Damiana, Epimedium leaf extract, Asian Red Ginseng, Saw Palmetto Berry, Muira Paima, Catuaba bark extract, Hawthorn berry, and Ginkgo biloba.

How Does It Work: The powerful blend of ingredients will lead to an improved erection, sexual desire, and ability to penetrate your partner better.

Dosage: 2 capsules per day

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Erectile dysfunction is a big problem. When you use this male enhancement supplement, it promises to help with your male sexual health and get you have harder erections than before. Based on the positive reviews about the product, it seems more people have been getting better sexual pleasure after using the product.

The natural ingredients make it a top pick generally. Bioperine is a good example of an ingredient. This ingredient works like a turbocharger for your body. It is also vital for amplifying the effects of the other ingredients. This includes Damiana which has been used for years for improving erectile function and enjoyable climaxes.

You may be wondering, what is the fuss all about using VigRX? One of the reasons is that the product has clinical study results available. These clinical studies show that the product can improve up to 62.82% in terms of the ability to maintain an erection. Other participants in the study experienced better sex drive, intercourse satisfaction, and much more.

How Do Natural Male Enhancement Pills Work?

Men are always looking to improve their libido, erection, and other health benefits. To do this, people have focused on using sex pills for men. However, you should understand how most male enhancement pills work if you expect to start using them.

The penis enhancement pills largely work by improving blood flow to the penis. When it gets to this point, you should get a harder erection good enough for penetration. Still, it can be maintained depending on how good the product is at doing its job.

Other pills such as Prime Male work by improving testosterone levels which in turn enhances your sexual health too. So, it will depend on what you consider the type of male enhancement pills to use.

Benefits of Taking Male Enhancement Pills

You should expect to see several benefits of using sex pills. It all comes down to the type of male sexual enhancement pills. Here are the potential benefits to expect.

  • The popular male enhancement pills are likely to lead to better erections. This is because these products would send more blood to the penis making it more erect. You should also expect the erections to be harder and firmer.
  • You can also experience increased sex drive. Well, it is nice to be excited about sex. You also find it easy to get aroused with your partner. As you can see, your sex life becomes better.
  • Those who use the male enhancement pills also claim to have better ejaculation control. The struggle with premature ejaculation is real. That is how you can find more people considering the best penis enhancement pill for sustained erections.
  • These sex pills would also improve how much pleasure you feel during sex. This is because they may also contain ingredients that improve your penis nerve impulses. As such, you become more sensitive to sexual stimulation.
  • You can also get that the testosterone levels increase. Keep in mind that not all male enhancement pills will increase blood flow to the penis. Some work by improving testosterone levels to boost libido, erection strength, and semen volume.

What to Look for When Buying Male Enhancement Supplements:

If you find male enhancement pills created with the right procedures and ingredients, then you can improve male sexual health. You may even sometimes need penis enlargement medicine to boost your self-esteem. Well, what would be the best male enhancement supplement? Here are considerations to make;


The ingredients of penis enlargement pills or enhancement pills are quite crucial. Look at what they claim are the ingredients in the products. The manufacturers will have the ingredients listed so you would probably do more research.

Look to see if the ingredients are gluten-free, non-GMO, natural, and safe. You should never compromise on the ingredients that are likely to lead to allergies.

Third-Party Lab Certification

Where are the products tested? If the products can be tested in third-party labs, the better. This is because male enhancement pills claim to do a lot, but what do lab reports show? If the product you want to buy is tested in a third-party lab, then there should be a link for you to read the report to fully understand what you are getting.

Targeted Benefits

What are the benefits that the product claims to do? At times you get that the product claims to offer targeted benefits such as treating erectile dysfunction, sexual performance, sexual desire, and delaying premature ejaculation. As you can see, it should be vital that you go through the product description to fully understand what more you can get from the pills.

Customer Reviews

The male enhancement pills reviews are quite vital for the overall decision you would make about a penis enlargement medicine or any other male sexual enhancement pills. An example, refer to the Testo Prime reviews to see how other people have used it and the benefits they have experienced.

Whenever you get that a product has so many negative reviews, you should consider alternatives.

Side Effects

It is possible that you may also experience side effects of male enhancement pills. They are mostly mild and tolerant, but that does not mean you should not use the pills as recommended. Most people end up with side effects because they think using the pills more than recommended leaves them better faster.

The customer reviews may also help you see if the product has any side effects or not. If the side effects seem adverse, then you need to skip buying the product.


You can buy male enhancement pills over the counter or online. Whichever the case, consider the price too. Do not just get the most expensive products thinking they would help with male sexual performance. Take the time to understand the product and how it can improve men’s  sexual health before buying. Always go for value rather than picking just any product.

Depending on the manufacturer, you can often get some discounts to make the deal even better.

Alternatives to Male Enhancement Pills

If you have tried out male enhancement pills and you feel like there could be something more, then you should look at these alternatives.

Penile extenders

These are penis enlargement devices that you fit around your penis shaft for extending it. These devices work by applying even pressure to the shaft while stretching at the same time. This leads to small and painless tears along the tissue of your penis.

Once these tears heal, you may notice that your penis may be engorged. People often opt for this method rather than undergoing penis enlargement surgery.

Penis pumps

The penis pumps are used before you want to have sex. They will aid in achieving an erection by using a vacuum. The vacuum works by drawing blood into the penis thus making it erect. You may get some doctors recommending such devices to enhance sexual performance.


You have probably not heard of such a term. Well, it is simply a penis stretching exercise that men use to improve their penis erection size and also sexual performance. The exercise involves massaging the tissues of your penis until you have micro-tears. The tears eventually get filled with new tissue cells when they heal thus enlarging your penis.

For those who prefer not to spend money on penis enlargement devices, such an exercise will be a good pick.

Erectile Dysfunction Medication

Getting a prescription for erectile dysfunction is also an option. Such would be recommended for those experiencing severe erectile dysfunction. Always consult your doctor so as to get the best solution to improve sexual performance.

Final Thoughts – Are Male Enhancement Pills Right for You?

There have been cases where people use many male enhancement pills for treating erectile dysfunction as a way of improving their sex life. Nevertheless, some have been disappointed. This is mostly because they were using the wrong products. We took our time to find high-quality enhancement pills that promise the best results. With other reviews showing the same, you can pick any of the products mentioned above and expect a good outcome.

You may still want to talk to your doctor for further advice before resolving to use over-the-counter male enhancement pills.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long before I notice changes?

Most companies recommend using the pills for several weeks before you can start to notice the improvements in sexual health.

  1. Will the male enhancement supplements increase penis size?

The reality is that these supplements only increase more blood flow to the penis. This makes it look firmer and fuller, but increasing the penis size is unlikely. There are other methods for this part.

  1. Where can you buy male enhancement supplements?

Most brands would sell them on their official websites. You could still get them from Amazon, Walmart, or CVS.

  1. Are male enhancement supplements FDA-approved?

Since they are classified as dietary supplements, the FDA does not approve them. You can easily buy them without even a prescription. It is that easy.

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