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Know How Fohse is Producing More, Bountiful Yields While Using Far Less Energy

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No matter what type of plant a person is growing, it will need light. This can be natural or artificial lighting, but many budding gardeners overlook this element. Fohse has solved this dilemma by offering innovative LEDs that use less energy to deliver significant results.

Fohse aimed to improve the cannabis industry as they researched and developed their sustainable new LED solutions. As more states legalize this substance, the United States is seeing a “green rush,” and supply is greatly outweighed by demand. Cultivators need to produce high-yield crops as quickly as possible, and Fohse lighting fixtures can help make that happen.

A tech-savvy company, Fohse is focused on solutions that are as sustainable as they are effective when it comes to agricultural lighting. Countless cannabis growers are trying to upgrade outdated facilities to keep up with increasing consumer demand. One of the most significant expenses is lighting, and no company has been able to offer a highly effective and energy-efficient product — until now.

Fohse identified this need in a booming industry and capitalized on it. Their LEDs are leading an industry-wide transition to greater efficiency that delivers more bountiful and eco-friendly yields. Previously, cannabis growers relied on high-pressure sodium fixtures (HPS) for bountiful cannabis harvests. LEDs could not match the results produced by HPS lighting, but Fohse introduced an industry-disrupting solution. Now, cultivators can get more bountiful crops while using much less energy.

The company spent two years researching and developing these lights before putting them on the market. The process involved working with cultivators to test and improve each design prototype until Fohse had created the ultimate grow lights. To maintain a competitive edge, Fohse offers a price-match guarantee for a competitor’s grow light with similar wattage and build class. They also offer a money-back guarantee, but they have yet to issue a refund.

Fohse has redrawn the trajectory of LED lighting in the agricultural space thanks to the effectiveness and efficiency of its grow lights. Yet this innovation is just the beginning as Fohse plans to continue disrupting the industry by shifting focus from commercial growers to the home market. This company truly wants to help everyone see the light and pave the way to a greener future.

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