Documentary Alleges Yoko Ono Set Up John Lennon With His Teenage Assistant For An Affair


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A new documentary called “The Lost Weekend: A Love Story” alleges that Yoko Ono set up John Lennon with his teenage assistant, May Pang.

The film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, and goes into depth on Lennon’s reported affair with Pang during the 1970s, TMZ reported. The story is told from Pang’s perspective, who was ten years younger than Lennon, the outlet reported.

Pang was 19 when she started working with The Beatles’ music company, Apple Records, in New York, TMZ noted. She alleges that Lennon and Ono liked her so much that she became their personal assistant until Ono insisted that Pang go out with Lennon, the outlet reported. (RELATED: Details Revealed As Ozzy Osbourne Set To Undergo Intense Surgery)

Pang claims that Ono and Lennon were not getting along, so when Pang was 22 and Lennon was 32, they started their affair when Lennon kissed Pang in an elevator, according to TMZ. Pang and Lennon even moved in together with his son, Julian, who is featured in the documentary, according to the New York Post. Their love lasted 18 months until Ono fought hard enough to win Lennon back, the outlet reported.

“Yoko, chain smoker, 7 1/2 years older than he, understood his needs. But he and I, together 18 months, our life was different. All musicians. George Harrison said, ‘I’m glad she’s with you.’ Keith Richards said, ‘This is the John I used to see.’ I made him accessible to friends. We’d go swimming, do Disneyland, take walks together without his entourage,” Pang claims, according to the NY Post.

You can watch the full trailer for the documentary here: