‘A Lot Cheaper To Get Rid Of Them’: Tucker Carlson Says Corporations Are Telling People They Can’t Have Children

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson said Tuesday that corporations are telling their employees that they can no longer have children.

The host said large corporations are paying for abortions because paying for maternity leave and other family oriented services are a financial burden to them. These companies and media networks want the American middle class to “reset” their “unrealistic expectations” of raising a family, Carlson said.

“Now they’re telling you that you cannot have the one thing that most people want more than anything else; the one thing that biological instinct drives all of us to want, and that’s children,” Carlson said. “The most reliable source of meaning and joy in human existence, a family, is now out of reach for the American middle class, and you should accept that is inevitable. In fact, you should embrace it.”

The host played a clip of MSNBC host Katy Tur suggesting that having a baby takes a toll on a woman’s “body” and “livelihood.” Carlson also showed NBC News Business and Tech correspondent Jo Ling Kent saying that abortion will be an economic burden for women with estimated costs being roughly $105 billion per year nationally. (RELATED: Companies That Vow To Cover Abortion Travel Costs Silent On Helping Mothers Pay For Baby Formula)

Carlson said rather than blame those in power for the reduced labor force by shutting down the economy and firing unvaccinated employees, liberal media pundits point fingers at the American people instead.

“Wall Street and the FED are blameless,” he continued. “The problem is you; the problem is that you selfishly want to have children, and children are bad for GDP. All the big corporations now agree on that, they’re all now against human reproduction.”

Several companies have vowed to provide funds for their employees to seek an abortion, namely Dicks Sporting Goods is promising $4,000 for any employee or family member on their insurance plan to access an abortion because “it makes financial sense for them,” MSNBC footage showed.

“It turns out the companies have done the math, and they’d rather pay female employees $4,000 for every abortion they have,” he continued. “That’s cheaper than footing the bill for, say, parental leave or adding new dependence on the company healthcare plan. Babies are expensive, it’s a lot cheaper to get rid of them, has concluded the HR department at Dicks Sporting Goods.”

Corporations claim to be “liberating” employees by restricting them from having a family, he said. Carlson mocked CNBC co-anchor Andrew Ross Sorkin for saying he was “disappointed” that companies based in states outlawing abortion will not relocate.

“Yeah, it’s very disappointing that not all companies aren’t paying their employees to abort their children, it’s a sign of love really,” Carlson sarcastically said. “Because when you love someone, your main concern is that they never reproduce; that they never create more human beings just like them. That’s a sign of love.”

He called out Ross Sorkin for not criticizing Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said in May that limiting abortion would have “damaging effects” on the economy and would “set women back.” Carlson accused Yellen and members of the media for telling middle-class Americans they cannot raise a family and should instead work for the rest of their lives until they “die alone with no descendants to remember you.”

“That is the life that millions of college-educated young people in this country are living right now and are facing for the foreseeable future, which is to say forever,” he said.