Florida Man Arrested For Allegedly Killing Neighbor’s Rooster

[Screenshot Action News Jax]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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A Florida man was arrested after he allegedly killed a neighbor’s rooster, according to local reports.

The incident unfolded in mid-May when James Nix claimed he had no choice but to kill his neighbor’s rooster after it attacked him, according to Action News Jax.

“I just checked my mail and turn around and go, and I hear, ‘Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!’ And I turn around, and there’s a chicken out there in the street. I said, ‘Oh boy, here we go,'” Nix told the outlet. “Turn around, walk to my place bang bang bang bang bang now the chicken is in my yard! Now it’s neck flares up.”

Nix said he didn’t intend to kill the rooster.

“I pick up a stick in the yard, and I try to hit it,” Nix reportedly said. “But the chicken is jumping up at me, and I accidentally knocked in the head, you know? Call it a lucky shot, whatever.”

“I’m defending myself, you know. I was fearing for my safety, and the chicken died,” Nix reportedly said. “I didn’t know to give it a 21-gun salute! CPR, mouth-to-mouth, do you know? Or call the chicken ambulance?”

But the chicken’s owner, Jason Defelice, said it was intentional.

“I lose them to animals, but I was not expecting to lose them to my neighbors that was like my friend.”

Defelice said he saw his dead pet rooster when he got home.

“I didn’t see my rooster at first, so I knew something was up because he would always come chase me. Then, I went in his yard and yelled at him, and he finally came out and said he killed him.”

Children from the neighborhood told Defelice that Nix had beaten the rooster. Defelice called authorities, and Nix was arrested and charged several days later for animal cruelty, according to the report. He spent 30 hours in jail.

“Next thing you know, he calls the chicken police on me,” Nix reportedly said. “Chickens die every day, people – at Churches, Popeyes, Kentucky Fried Chicken.”