Harris Attacks SCOTUS Ruling As Violation Of Bodily Autonomy While Biden Admin Continues To Force Vaccination

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Vice President Kamala Harris said Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation” that the recent Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade has violated a woman’s right to bodily autonomy and prohibits women from making decisions about their own bodies.

Harris said there is a shared sense of “outrage that the United States Supreme Court took a constitutional right that was recognized, took it from the women of America.”

“The highest court in our land just took a constitutional right that was recognized for women to make decisions about their own bodies. And so now we are looking at a situation where the government can tell a person in our country what they can and cannot do with their own body.” (RELATED: ‘That’s Not True’: CNN’s Jake Tapper Rips Biden Admin For ‘Politicizing The Pandemic’)

“We are now looking at a case where the government can interfere in what is one of the most intimate and private decisions that someone can make and should be able to make with their pastor, with their prince – with their priests, with their rabbi, with their loved ones and now the government is telling women what they can and cannot do,” Harris continued.

While Harris says she is concerned about an individual’s right to bodily autonomy when it comes to making medical decisions, the Biden Administration has faced backlash over the past few months as it moved to mandate vaccines.

The Biden Administration withdrew its COVID-19 vaccination and testing regulation for businesses with 100 or more employees in January after the Supreme Court blocked the rule. The high court did allow the administration to reinstate its vaccine mandate for healthcare workers.

President Joe Biden immediately called on private businesses to “do the right thing” and “institute vaccination requirements” after the high court’s ruling.

Biden previously dismissed concerns that the vaccine mandates were chipping away at freedom, saying it was an issue of “patriotism.”

“Everybody talks about freedom about not to have a shot or have a test. Well, guess what? How about patriotism? How about making sure you’re vaccinated, so you do not spread the disease to anybody else? What about that? What’s the big deal?”

The administration also tried to impose a vaccine mandate for the U.S. Navy which was halted in March by a federal appeals court.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin made the vaccine mandatory for all service members in August of 2021, and thousands of troops who have refused to take the jab have been informed they will not receive pay or retirement credit for future federally funded drills, according to The Washington Times.