Critical Gender Ideologues Don’t Want Scientists Identifying Ancient Skeletons As Male Or Female


Chrissy Clark Contributor
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A faction of LGBT activists within archeology are advocating against identifying skeletons as “male” or “female,” according to a report from The College Fix.

A Quebec-based archeology student tweeted that archeologists should not label human remains as just “male” or “female,” but take into account the potential gender transitions of an individual, according to The College Fix. She reportedly lamented online that when the bones of a gender-transitioned person are found, they “can’t escape” their assigned sex.

“You might know the argument that the archaeologists who find your bones one day will assign you the same gender as you had at birth, so regardless of whether you transition, you can’t escape your assigned sex,” the student said.

“Labeling remains ‘male’ or ‘female’ is rarely the end goal of any excavation, anyway,” she continued. “The ‘bioarchaeology of the individual’ is what we aim for, factoring in absolutely everything we discover about a person into a nuanced and open-ended biography of their life.”

Trans Doe Task Force (TDTF), a transgender-led group that focuses on “unidentified individuals who may have been transgender,” holds a similar set of beliefs. The group calls for putting a “trans-led forensic genetic genealogy team” within existing forensic archeological teams, according to the group’s website.

TDTF offers an interactive map of the cases “in which the deceased may have been trans or gender variant.” The map also uses the left-wing label for Hispanics, “Latinx.”

Articles linked within TDTF’s website include one that discusses the “shortcomings of the current forensic approach to identification for trans and non-binary individuals.”

“In research and practice, estimating the biological sex of a body is determined by whether the person belongs to a male, probable male, probable female, female, or undetermined,” the article reads. “This contributes to the notion of a biological sex binary, and is reinforced by having the outcome only focused on achieving a male or female result. Hinging the identity of an individual on a binary spectrum for biological sex not only affects the missing persons and their identification, but also the greater understanding of biology in the living.”

This ideology is pervasive within U.S. academic circles as well, according to a book published by a University of Kansas associate professor.

Professor Jennifer Raff published the book, “Origin: A Genetic History of the Americas,” wherein she said “Christian colonizers” imposed a gender binary on Native American archeological sites. (RELATED: Amazon Sponsors Org That Puts Gender Ideology Book In Kids’ Classrooms)

The Daily Caller reached out to the Trans Doe Task Force for comment.