Reboot Of Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic ‘True Lies’ Looks Utterly Incredible


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Have you seen the trailer for CBS’ “True Lies” yet? If not, drop everything and check it out immediately.

James Cameron is producing the television series based on the 1994 blockbuster movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis. The series stars “Shameless” actor Steve Howey and “Space Force” actor Ginger Gonzaga, and looks like a comedic, action-packed addiction waiting to happen.

CBS ordered the pilot for “True Lies” in February 2021, according to Variety. The full series is set to be released in 2022-2023, the outlet noted. The plot revolves around a suburban housewife who discovers her husband isn’t actually a boring computer consultant, but an international spy, as seen in the trailer. (RELATED: Here Are The Best Shows Renewed For 2022, The Canceled, And An Epic Throwback Rebrand)

CBS needed to release something this good to make up for cancelling “Magnum PI,” one of the best new shows in the history of fun television, so the whole network has been on my sh*t list for a while. Thankfully, NBC picked up “Magnum PI” within weeks of it being cancelled.

Full disclosure, I am mildly biased when it comes to loving the look of this new series. Lead actress Ginger Gonzaga is one of my favorite people in the world. She is a super sweet human being, a fantastic actress and the life of every single party. She was one of the last people I partied with before the first COVID lockdowns.

Despite my biases, I am still utterly stoked for this show to come out. It looks like the type of thing that the whole family can get behind, and America needs a heck of a lot more family time if you ask me.