‘I AM F**KING STOKED’: ‘Magnum P.I.’ To Return After Cancellation


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Just when you thought that the power of your voice meant nothing, fans of the relaunched “Magnum P.I.” series proved you wrong.

To be awkwardly honest, the only reason I first started watching “Magnum P.I.” was because Zach Knighton was cast as Rick, Magnum’s best friend and brilliant secret socialite of Hawaii. I wanted to support a buddy in his latest endeavor, but this was not the type of show I ever thought I’d love this deeply.

All of us watching realized pretty quickly that this reincarnation of “Magnum P.I.” was something more than just a goofy procedural. It had that sparkle that turns a show into an iconic series. The fans knew it, so when it was canceled by CBS, they came out in force to support the most adorable, relaxing, and yet excitingly underrated entertainment on television.

So overwhelming was the fans’ outcry that I even made the prediction that “Magnum P.I.” would be back on our screens within the year. I had no idea how right I was, as the show was rescued by NBC for not one, but two seasons, as Deadline later reported.

“I AM FUCKING STOKED,” Knighton told the Daily Caller in an exclusive comment, “Honestly, I’m just so happy that hundreds of people, myself included, get to come back to their jobs. NBC stepped up in a big way. So thankful.”

“The surf and the people” are Knighton’s favorite things about living and working in Hawaii. “Honest to God salt of the Earth people that don’t take any bullshit,” he said. (RELATED: REVIEW: Bo Burnham Roasts Joe Biden In The Catchiest Way Possible)

And it’s not just the existing cast that should be excited. I’ve lost count of the number of my friends (and one ex-boyfriend) who’ve been cast in the odd episode of “Magnum P.I.” It’s going to be the starting place for a lot of superb careers.

So, instead of watching some bloody, culty, woke, or reality trash tonight, go and catch up on “Magnum P.I.” You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll roll your eyes. Your heart will pound. You’ll fall in love with each and every cast member and the islands of Hawaii. I am so glad this show won’t be leaving our screens.