Conjoined Twins With Fused Brains Undergo Groundbreaking Virtual Surgery


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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A neurosurgeon from England performed a successful, life-altering surgery on 3-year-old conjoined twins born with fused brains.

The Brazilian-born conjoined twins, Bernardo and Arthur Lima, endured seven procedures directed by surgeon Noor ul Owase Jeelani from London, according to a report from The Independent published Monday. The successful virtual surgical procedure is reportedly considered groundbreaking. The intricate operations were performed at the Instituto Estadual do Cerebro Paulo Niemeyer in Rio de Janeiro. The brothers endured 33 hours of surgery in the final two surgeries alone, according to People.

Medical professionals and surgeons from various countries worked behind the scenes for months to perfect the particular surgical skills required for this procedure. They were able to connect virtually to take part in numerous virtual reality training programs prior to executing the surgery in real life, according to the Evening Standard. Jeelani referenced the outcome of these multiple surgeries as a “remarkable achievement,” according to People.

It was the first time in history surgeons in separate countries trained and worked together in the same “virtual reality room,” Jeelani added, according to The Evening Standard. (RELATED: Hank Williams Jr’s Wife Died After Cosmetic Surgery)

Jeelani explained that he was initially “really apprehensive” about performing this procedure, noting several unsuccessful attempts with the twins in the past had created complications due to scar tissue, according to the Evening Standard. He also went on to reference the high risks involved and the medical accuracy that was required to execute these challenging procedures.

“Not only have we provided a new future for the boys and their family, we have equipped the local team with the capabilities and confidence to undertake such complex work successfully again in the future,” Jeelani said. “It is through this process of teamwork and knowledge-sharing globally that we can hope to improve the outcome for all children and families that find themselves in this difficult position.”

Leena Nasir