Florida School Board Member Brags About Promoting Woke Ideology ‘From The Inside’


Chrissy Clark Contributor
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A Florida school board member appears to brag about promoting a leftist agenda “from the inside” of a school district, according to video footage from an event.

Sarasota County Schools Board member and vice-chair Thomas Edwards admitted to being “woke” and promoting the ideology “from the inside” of the school board in the video. Edwards claims that he earned “credibility” and “trust” among families in just under two years.

“I just wanted to give a little reassurance that here in the state of Florida, there are school board members that are woke. We’re here,” Edwards said in the video. “And we’re working. We have your backs…And we’re working in the best strategic spot because we’re on the inside.”

Several parents within Sarasota County Schools have taken issue with the board’s alleged political agenda, according to a report from the Herald-Tribune. Parents accused the school board of promoting “critical race theory,” the ideology that parses all actions — or lack thereof — through the lens of race. Edwards was also reportedly responsible for silencing parents who wished to speak at a school board meeting. (RELATED: Parent Group Sues Iowa School District Over Gender Ideology Requirements)

The current school board member reportedly dubbed all Trump supporters and voters as “Nazis,” according to a Facebook post from 2017 obtained by The Daily Wire. “I view Trump, his regime, his supporters, and his voters as Nazis,” the post allegedly read.

The Daily Caller reached out to Edwards for comment.