‘You All Want Me To Look F*ckable’: Doja Cat Slams Haters For Trying To Dictate Her Style

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Doja Cat lashed out against her haters on Sunday, after receiving backlash for her shaved head and eyebrows.

The award-winning artist didn’t appreciate the negative commentary she received on social media after she showed off her look, and made it clear that she didn’t value the opinions of those who criticize her. In the tweet, Doja Cat used some colorful language to tell her haters exactly what she thought of them.

“I make hit after hit after hit and you all want me to look f*ckable for you so that you can go home and jerk your c*cks all day long while you live in your mothers basement,” Doja Cat said in the post.

The look may not be what society perceives as being beautiful, but the music sensation made it clear she doesn’t care and wasn’t willing to compromise her personal style for the sake of others. (RELATED: Woke Haters Come After Sydney Sweeney’s Fashion Statement)


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She reminded fans of the enormity of her success and let them know that she was indifferent to their social media remarks. “I won a grammy and traveled the f*cking globe i’ve had a #1 and i went platinum,” Doja tweeted.

She ended her tweet with the choice words “Go f*ck yourselves.”