‘It’s No Longer About Journalism’: Joe Concha Accuses The New York Times Of Being Left-Wing Activists

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Fox News contributor Joe Concha accused The New York Times on Tuesday of engaging in left-wing activism rather than journalism.

In April, the Times created an opening for a politics reporter to cover “right-wing media” and the “corners of the internet that popularize far-right and extremist ideas.” Concha noted that the Times does not have “a job posting for the person who covers left-wing media.” He then pointed to an analysis by Fox News, which found that out of 577 Times articles, the term “left-wing media” only appeared in 48 of the pieces.

“They have not endorsed a Republican candidate. You have to go all the way back to the 1950’s, fourteen straight elections,” Concha said. “This is what journalism has become in 2022. It’s no longer about journalism, the -ism is morphed to activism, and you have a cabal of journalists and news organizations who believe that they need to take down what they deem as right-wing media to make the world a better place, to save democracy, all these things where, I don’t know, I come from the school of thought that says why not just go after both sides?”

A spokesperson for The New York Times told Fox News that the newspaper covers “many aspects of hyper-partisan media and misinformation.” The spokesperson argued the beat was created because a portion of the American public “rely solely on right wing media for their information.”

“We want our readers to be informed about what is driving the political decisions of many Americans,” the spokesperson concluded. (RELATED: ‘Sealed His Own Fate’: Joe Concha Calls Out Brian Stelter After Announced Departure From CNN) 

In response, Concha argued that the newspaper’s opinion pieces almost never lean to the right of the political spectrum.

“You tell me if they’re really giving both sides of the story, both in their news reporting, which oftentimes you see news analysis on page one, which is really just opinion disguised as news. Or in their opinion pages, it simply does not exist.”

Below the job description for the “right-wing media” reporter, the Times describes in bold letters its commitment to hiring a “diverse and inclusive workforce,” encouraging women, veterans, people of color, and “gender nonconforming” people to apply.