Video Shows Fan Being Thrown Over Three Rows Of Bleachers During A Fight At Wrigley Field


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A fan at the Cubs vs. Cardinals game was thrown over three rows of bleachers Tuesday when a fight broke out.

The chaotic scene erupted in the eighth inning of the Cardinals’ winning game against the Cubs at Wrigley Field, TMZ reported. It’s unclear what started the bleacher-based bash, but video footage shows a group of people congregating in what appears to be a heated altercation as staff at the stadium attempt to break up the fracas.

About five seconds into the video, a man wearing an Anthony Rizzo jersey is shoved so hard he flies backwards down three rows of seats. Despite a huge thud echoing through the footage as he hit the stands with his back, the man was able to get back to his feet, seemingly unphased.

Another man standing incredibly close to him managed to protect a giant pile of beers from the commotion in the nick of time, as one Twitter user pointed out in the comments under the video.

Once standing, the man immediately moved toward the altercation as another man screamed, “Look at you, look at you … he f**king hit me!” The screaming man appeared to have a bloody cut on his eyebrow, and was being held back from engaging in the fight by another individual. (RELATED: Bryan Cranston Crumples As He’s Hit By Liner In All-Star Game)

It’s unclear whether anyone was arrested when the kerfuffle ended, TMZ noted. The Cardinals went on to win against the Cubs in a 13-3 game.