Charlie Crist To Florida Voters: If You Support DeSantis, ‘I Don’t Want Your Vote’

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Democratic Florida gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist lashed out Wednesday at supporters of Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, saying they have “hate” in their hearts.

Crist, who currently represents the state’s 13th Congressional District, defeated Democratic challenger Nikki Fried in the state’s primary race Tuesday, and will face DeSantis in November. Crist previously served as the Republican governor of Florida between 2007-2011 before switching to an Independent and later a Democrat. Crist said Wednesday he wanted the votes of “good Republicans” rather than those that support the incumbent.

“Those who support [DeSantis] should stay with him and vote for him and I don’t want your vote. If you have that hate in your heart, keep it there. I want the vote of the people of Florida who care about our state, good Democrats, good Independents, good Republicans. Unify with this ticket. Unify with Val Demmings and Charlie Crist. Unify with us. Those who are haters, you’re gonna go off in your own world. And you better get right.”

NBC political reporter Marc Caputo said the odds of Crist beating DeSantis are slim, citing Democratic insiders and observers.

“Heading into Election Day, few Democratic insiders and political observers gave Crist or Fried much of a chance in November, citing every recent public poll showing DeSantis leading Crist.” (RELATED: They’re Not Gatekeepers Anymore’: Meet The DeSantis Spokeswoman Who’s Putting The Media On Defense)

Sean Phillippi, a Florida Democratic data scientist who voted for Crist, told Caputo there’s no chance of Crist winning in November, unless something unprecedented happens.

“The voter registration information is very telling and very predictive. You can’t write the story of how Charlie Crist beats Ron DeSantis unless there’s a major, major scandal none of us knows about right now or where Democrats register hundreds of thousands of new voters.”