Senate Candidate Joe O’Dea Calls Out Democrats For ‘Doing Nothing While Our Kids Are Dying’


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Republican Colorado Senate nominee Joe O’Dea held nothing back while being interviewed on NBC’s “Meet The Press.”

O’Dea is touting himself as a more moderate Republican, supporting abortions up to five months into pregnancy, according to clips shared by NBC. “I’m an independent thinker. I am who I am, and you get what you get. And that’s how I’ll vote,” O’Dea told host Chuck Todd before the conversation turned to the topic of immigration and the border.

O’Dea’s big message on the border and on the Democratic party is that they’ve “lost touch” with the sheer magnitude of this crisis. “Our border needs to be secure. Colorado is number two in fentanyl overdoses right now and that fentanyl is coming straight up I-25. We lost 1,800 Coloradans last year to drug overdose[s] and I think the Democrats have lost touch,” he told Todd. “Kamala Harris saying that the border’s secure? We had two million people cross the border this last year. It’s not secure, and they’re killing our kids.”

Todd then moved immediately on to discussing the events of January 6 before the conversation turned back to Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s recent action to bus migrants out of Florida. O’Dea was quick to support DeSantis and Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott in their decision as it brought “visibility to this issue.” (RELATED: ‘Take Turns’: New York City Public Health Poster Says Doing Drugs Is Fine If Done Safely)

“We’ve got fentanyl killing our kids. People call what [Republican governors] did cruel. You know what’s cruel? Ignoring this issue. Democrats are ignoring it, doing nothing while our kids are dying,” O’Dea stated, furthering his support for bipartisan action on the border crisis, dreamers, and immigration reform.