Rookie Fighter Shatters UFC Record, Dana White ‘Blown Away’ By Performance


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Rookie fighter Raul Rosas Jr. broke the UFC record Tuesday as the youngest fighter ever on Dana White’s MMA promotional roster.

Rosas, at just 17 years old, earned himself a huge win in the Octagon against Mando Gutierrez in the bantamweight fight, according to Insider. The young fighter beat Gutierrez by way of a three-round decision,Rosas’ sixth professional career fight for Rosas thus far.

Originally from Mexico, Rosas is the youngest fighter to ever compete on the Contender Series, and score a UFC deal on the spot, Insider continued. UFC boss Dana White told reporters he feels Rosas is “special,” but speculation swirled around whether he was too young for the deal.

“I knew he was going to give me that contract, otherwise I wouldn’t be here,” Rosas said after the fight. “I’m 17, and I’m 6-0,” Insider noted. Rosas noted in a post-fight interview shared online that he “will become the youngest UFC champion.” (RELATED: Mayweather Confirms He Will Be Fighting McGregor In 2023)

Rosas described his style “all gas, no breaks,” and no intentions of retiring until he’s “old,” Insider continued. “This kid is so high level for 17-years-old. So many things I love about this kid. I love how he just doesn’t lay there on the guard, he’s active, he’s always busy,” White told reporters after the match, a clip of which was shared by the UFC’s official Twitter account. “He’s always going for the finish.”