Putin Blames ‘Anglo-Saxons’ For Nord Stream Pipeline Explosions

Photo by Sergei Bobylyov/Sputnik/AFP via Getty Images

Devan Bugbee Contributor
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Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed Friday that “Anglo-Saxons” had a hand in the explosions at the Nord Stream pipelines while delivering a speech about Russia’s recent annexation of four Ukrainian territories.

“The sanctions were not enough for the Anglo-Saxons: they moved onto sabotage,” Putin claimed in his speech, according to Reuters. “It is hard to believe but it is a fact that they organized the blasts on the Nord Stream international gas pipeline.” (RELATED: ‘They Want War’: Tucker Carlson Accuses The Biden Admin Of Moving US Toward Nuclear Conflict)

He further claimed the “[Anglo-Saxons] have begun to destroy pan-European infrastructure,” The Washington Post reported.

Aside from his allegations about Anglo-Saxons, Putin also accused the West of seeking to destroy Russia, according to The Washington Post. “It is worth reminding the West that it began its colonial policy back in the Middle Ages, and then followed the global slave trade, the genocide of Indian tribes in America, the plunder of India, Africa, the wars of England and France against China, as a result of which it was forced to open its ports for trade of opium,” he said, according to the outlet.

“I emphasize that one of the reasons for the centuries-old Russophobia, the undisguised malice of these Western elites toward Russia is precisely that we did not allow ourselves to be robbed during the period of colonial conquests. We forced the Europeans to trade for mutual benefit,” Putin continued, according to The Washington Post.

The term Anglo-Saxon was historically used to describe the Germanic peoples who conquered and lived in regions that are today part of England and Wales, according to Britannica.