Larry King’s Widow Files $100 Million Lawsuit Against Former Business Managers In Estate Battle

(Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for The Alfred Mann Foundation)

Taylor Giles Contributor
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Larry King’s widow, Shawn King, filed a lawsuit Thursday in Los Angeles against her former business managers for allegedly stealing money and helping Larry King Jr. overtake her as executor of the late broadcaster’s estate.

After Larry King’s death in January 2021, his son, Larry King Jr., became the special administrator of his father’s estate and produced a handwritten amendment to Larry King’s will that left all his assets to his children, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The amendment was filed 2 months after Larry King filed for divorce, but was never finalized, according to the outlet. Larry King Jr. argued that Shawn King should not be the executor because she and Larry King were in the process of divorcing.

Shawn King is seeking $100 million for her allegation that Blouin & Company conspired with King Jr. with a breach of fiduciary duty, professional negligence and fraud, and other claims, according to The Hollywood Reporter. She also accused Blouin & Company of failing to pay household bills and annual taxes.

“The Blouin Defendants led a fraudulent and malicious conspiracy to steal money from their own client, Mrs. King, and deprive Mrs. King from her rights and interests in the estate of her late husband,” the complaint reads, according to the outlet. (RELATED: Larry King’s Widow, Shawn King, Reveals TV Host’s Cause Of Death And Final Words To Her)

The complaint also alleges that Blouin & Company created secret bank accounts “to facilitate transfer of funds directed by Larry King Jr., who allegedly gifted money to several others,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. Two of the individuals allegedly received payments of $40,000 and $50,000, and reportedly spent the money on luxury items, according to the outlet.