Fight Breaks Out At Hooters Allegedly Over A Chocolate Bar


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Footage of a fight at a Hooters location in Plano, Texas, went viral Friday, showing a group of what appeared to be young people engaged in a chaotic and violent altercation.

Things turned violent in the Hooters vestibule because the restaurant manager asked a group of young guys selling chocolate outside the establishment to leave, TMZ reported, citing witnesses who spoke to the Plano Police Department (PD). Police told the outlet a few of the guys attacked the manager and broke his arm before taking their behavior inside the restaurant.

A video of the fight shows a group of people, most of whom look like young men and some of whom were topless, beating up people who appear to be patrons and employees. During the video, you can hear someone saying what sounds like “all over f*cking chocolate,” with the camera catching what appears to be a chocolate bar on the floor.

Many people responded to the video shared on social media, with one user suggesting the content shows an attack, not a fight, as there were apparently no mutual combatants. (RELATED: ‘Somebody Got The Sh*t Knocked Out Of ‘Em’: Country Music Superstar Luke Bryan Breaks Up Fight At Concert)

Those involved are said to be door-to-door salesmen who were turned away over Hooter’s strict no-soliciting policy, TMZ noted. Though no arrests have been made yet, Plano PD told TMZ a criminal investigation is ongoing, and police will use the video footage of the incident as evidence.

The Daily Caller spoke to both Plano PD and the manager at the Hooters location in Plano, and both confirmed their statements to TMZ and said they have no further comment at this time.