EXCLUSIVE: Nebraska Legislators Prep Investigation Into Education Docs That Claim Conservatives Are ‘Racist’


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The Nebraska legislature is calling for an investigation into the state’s Education Department after unearthing documents promoted to educators that claim conservatives are “racist” for opposing Critical Race Theory, the Daily Caller has learned exclusively.

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the state’s Education Department created the “Launch Nebraska” platform to provide schools with reopening guidelines in the post-COVID era. By the 2021-2022 school year, the website evolved into a resource for promoting Critical Race Theory (CRT) and other left-wing tropes such as “anti-racism.”

State Sens. Steve Erdman, Steve Halloran, and Dave Murman told the Daily Caller they are calling for an investigation into the Department of Education’s promotion of Critical Race Theory and potential inappropriate sex education curriculum.

“Parents, not educators, are responsible for the teaching of children,” Erdman said. “Public schools should educate children on the facts of history, not indoctrinate them with Critical Race Theory, which deliberately distorts these facts in order to push an erroneous Left-wing, Woke narrative about our nation’s founding, its history, and its heritage.”

“Due to the recent underhanded tactics of the Department of Education to reform Nebraska’s sex-ed curriculum, I believe an investigation into teaching CRT in Nebraska’s public schools is now warranted,” Erdman continued.

One of the documents that drew the ire of state legislators was a PDF that gave educators talking points on how to push back against “Right Wing Attacks Against Critical Race Theory.” The guide also alleges that the efforts of parents to oppose critical race theory are the work of malign political actors and former Donald Trump staffers.



“This effort has been conceived by former Trump strategists, funded by billionaire donors throwing tens of millions of dollars at the misinformation campaign, and managed by some of the same right-wing organizations driving racist voter suppression laws across the country,” the PDF reads.

Murman told the Daily Caller that such ideas must be “rooted out” from the public education system. (RELATED: Republicans Call For Oversight Of UVA Youth Gender Clinic)

“In our state, we’ve dealt with left-wing activist bureaucrats promoting comprehensive sex education and critical race theory in our public schools,” Murman said. “Any promotion of these reprehensible ideologies by the Nebraska Department of Education must be rooted out.”

Nebraska’s Education Department did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.