Watch NHL Rookie Absolutely Annihilate Veteran Fighter In His First Fight


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Montreal Canadiens rookie Arber Xhekaj got into an absolutely epic fight Wednesday with Arizona Coyotes veteran player Zack Kassian.

From footage of the fight, it appears that it started after a mutual disagreement on the ice over who was the better player… just kidding. It probably started like all great NHL fights start, because it’s an absolutely brutal game played by the toughest, most manly motherf*ckers.

It doesn’t matter who started the fight. It matters who won it, and that was clearly Xhekaj, who seemingly didn’t stop punching Kassian until he was dragged off my refs. Is it weird that the video gets seriously sexy when both men rip off their gloves and get down to that carnal rage?

It’s almost like watching two men who do their job well, make pretty good money, and have dedicated their lives to their passion is attractive or something? Ha! (RELATED: REVIEW: ‘Shoresy’ Is The ‘Letterkenny’ Spin-Off Taking North America By Storm)

Anyway, it sounds like Xhekaj is willing to fight just about anyone, according to SB Nation. He’s already known as the sheriff, and it’s easy to see why. His teammate, Juraj Slafkovsky said that the team is having so much fun “especially when you play with a guy like Arber that can kill anyone, so it’s just easy to play then.”