Dear Kay: What Happened To Real Men? Are There Any Left?


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Dear Kay: I was recently a victim of a violent crime. Instead of helping me, the men and women around me got out their phones and took videos of my attackers and what they did to me. What happened to real men stepping up to help a woman like me? Are there any real men left? — Sincerely, Traumatized By The Human Race

Dear Traumatized,

I am so deeply, sincerely sorry that this happened to you. Violent crime has risen dramatically over the last few years, particularly in Democrat-run cities that push for pro-criminal policies that result in the horrendous social decline we’re all experiencing.

Your unique viewpoint here shines a light on an even more revolting evolving social norm where instead of choosing to be men, boys will stand idly by and let a woman be attacked in public.

A huge portion of our male population is made up of scientifically-defined pussies. And they’re more scared of lawyers than doing the right thing. There is no justification for this behavior, but typically these men are the ones who’ve never had the shit kicked out of them publicly, and probably should so they know exactly how victims like you feel when they stand and do nothing. I’m not advocating for violence, but there is a big difference in the moral character of men who’ve lived soft lives and those who understand pain and fear, good and bad.

The domestic terrorist movement known as “feminism” has allowed men to give up on their responsibilities as protectors and providers. Every time a woman puts her career over her family, she’s subconsciously telling her husband that he’s weak and can’t provide for them. When you multiply this across a majority of the world, you create the normalization of masculine decline in men.

These same women spend less time raising their children and more time indoctrinating them with untruths, like how boys should run away when they see bad people doing bad things to others. These boys grow up watching their fathers be disrespected and emasculated, so they think its normal to be weak when it fundamentally is not.

Yes, there are real men left. Most of them wear a uniform or a Stetson or live in the South, and all of them have a relationship with God. A close friend of mine once said that a real man has hands strong enough to kill but gentle enough to hold a sleeping baby.

Finding the real man amongst the many, many boys in today’s America isn’t an easy feat, but choosing to surround yourself with conservatives is a great place to start. No, not the Millennial ones who wear tight suits and have fuck-boy haircuts on the Hill.

Real conservative men are typically armed, they’re in shape, and they always know right from wrong. It’s why so many liberal women are attracted to them.

Of course, then we have cowboys like Jeremiah Wilber, who had dedicated his life and career to rescuing women (like me!) from domestic violence and human trafficking. I strongly urge you to focus on the good men like this, because they’re our only hope. (RELATED: Dear Kay: My Therapist Says I’m Discriminating Against Pedophiles When I Describe My Trauma. Is She Right?)

We’re never going to get rid of violence, but creating a new generation of real men and voting in pro-victim politicians can help end the cycle of losers. Studies have shown that men today are significantly weaker than 30 years ago, probably because they sit around playing video games and watching porn instead of doing something useful. Testosterone levels are also dropping, likely spurred on by the chemicals in our foods and our lethargic lifestyles in the west.

We can fix this by addressing it straight on. Men should be raised to know that violence is inherently wrong, so if they see someone hurting another, they should feel intrinsically compelled to stop it. We can also ensure that men who commit violence actually go to jail by voting for lawmakers who support this crazy notion.