Chuck Grassley Squashes Decade-Long Beef With The History Channel

(Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)

Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Republican Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley has squashed his decade-long tension with the History Channel to partner with them in releasing a new documentary on the Korean War.

Grassley has partnered with the channel to feature the story of Bill Rector, a Korean War veteran and Denver, Iowa, native. Rector captured footage of the war on an 8mm video camera, which is being made public “to help future generations better understand” that time in history, Grassley’s office announced in a press release.

Grassley has repeatedly criticized the channel, beginning with a Jan. 6, 2012 tweet, in which he accused the station of not covering history.

“Occasionally I turn to History channel hope to [see] history,” he tweeted. “Whenever will the history channel [have] a real old fashion history program?”

In February 2012, he tweeted, “Just turned to history channel. No history. I used to get history. Why do we [have] such a channel when it doesn’t do history?” (RELATED: CNN Falls To The History Channel In Primetime Ratings)

A decade later, Grassley called on the channel to air “real history” in a Tuesday tweet, one day before announcing the partnership. The channel responded to the senator by urging him to help tell a story of Americans “living through critical moments” in history.

You’re right, @ChuckGrassley. Incredible stories of history are all around us. Many Americans have their own stories of living through critical moments in our nation’s history. Perhaps you can help us tell one of those stories,” the channel replied Wednesday. 

“I know just the Iowan Stay tuned,” the senator replied.

Grassley narrated the beginning of the documentary honoring Rector, who gave a personal account of his experience in the Korean War. With his camera, the veteran captured the rescue of two American pilots during the longest blockade in modern military history, the Blockade of Wonsan.