EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: Nick Adams On The Most Dangerous President in American History

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Nick Adams Founder and Executive Director, Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness
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The following is an excerpt from Nick Adams’ book “The Most Dangerous President in American History.” It can be purchased here.


President Joe Biden is the most dangerous president and one of the worst presidents, if not the worst president, America has ever seen.  

Throughout this book, I will prove to you why President Biden is the most dangerous president. Numerous examples to share with your friends and family will be provided.

He is not necessarily an evil man, but the policies he supports and the way he approaches politics are dangerous for America and put us on unsolid ground. His social policies are those of grown men in women’s bathrooms, abortion through all nine months of pregnancy paid for by taxpayers, and letting critical race theorists and diversity officer-types — instead of strategists and warriors — run our military.

He does not believe in a policy of putting America first. His policies look more like those of a left-wing organizing meeting than those of Main Street America. America deserves a president who will put the country first. 

Leftists, RINOs, and the mainstream media will try to tell you that American nationalism is about race — but it’s not. America First and American nationalism means putting our country — black, white, Hispanic, Jewish, Catholic, poor, rich—before the goals of NATO, the United Nations, and the International Monetary Fund. It means that our foreign policy should primarily be aimed at boosting America’s economy and protecting our borders from foreign threats. It does not mean sending our brave men and women in uniform to dozens of countries to protect those countries’ borders from invasion or attack.

It means that we think of the Kentucky farmer, the New York City restaurant owner, and the manufacturing CEO in Texas before we think about what the elites at Davos or the United Nations want us to do. We deserve a president who wakes up every morning thinking about how we can boost economic activity and help the family in Montana, Virginia, or Maine, not how we can help increase the profits of international bankers. We think about how to keep our citizens safe and employed, and then we can have a discussion about how many immigrants and refugees we decide to have come here.

That’s what President Donald Trump did…The price of gas and all fuel sources remained low, helping everyone prosper as American manufacturing saw a comeback under the nationalist economic policy of Trump and Peter Navarro.

… [Biden] wants to ensure that abortion giant Planned Parenthood continues to receive half a billion dollars a year in taxpayer money so it can butcher babies. He wants to ensure that the Green movement, which seeks to end all use of fossil fuels and whose economic policies will drive us into literal darkness, is appeased. He wants to make sure that MSNBC and the New York Times editorial board say nice things about him. In other words, he is not focused on people like you and me.

His economic policy is definitively not America First. It is the economic policy of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren, which ultimately is the economic policy of Karl Marx. 

It is about asking the United Nations and other countries to help us reduce our carbon emissions while China laughs all the way to the bank and continues to rip us off using intellectual property theft and currency manipulation … Biden is the most dangerous president, and throughout this book I will provide you with numerous examples of why he is dangerous and why he must be out of office in 2024.


Nick Adams is a best-selling author, Presidential appointee and social media influencer. He runs the Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness. He can be followed on Twitter and Facebook.

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