Baby Elephant Interrupts Kenyan Reporter And Immediately Becomes A Star


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A journalist went viral across social media Monday after a video of him being tickled by a baby elephant captured viewer’s hearts.

The video was shared by Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, an ecological organization that works with orphaned elephants, according to its Instagram page. The journalist, Alvin Kaunda, was reporting for the KBC television outlet when the one of the three baby elephants hanging around him started getting a little bit playful.

In the clip, Kaunda tries to keep stoic as he speaks to the importance of being guardians to our planet and protecting vulnerable species. As he makes his very serious statements, the trunk of the baby elephant, called Kindani, starts making its way up Kaunda’s shoulder, ear, head, and eventually down to his nose and mouth.

At this point, Kaunda breaks out into peels of infectious laughter. It’s almost impossible not to join him in his squeals of happiness as the silly baby keeps playing with him. (RELATED: Terrifying Anaconda Attack Caught On Video)

The wildlife trust is based in Kenya, and focuses on anti-poaching activities and all other measures related to conservation, according to its official website. Not only does it work with orphaned elephants, but also with rhinos and all types of other species that are in need.