The People Behind The Grammy Awards Prove Themselves To Be Stupid AF With Their Morgan Wallen Snub

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Just when you thought the people who run the entertainment industry couldn’t get any stupider, the clowns behind the Grammy Awards decided to go for the gold medal of idiocy with their 2022 nominees.

In my opinion, whoever runs the Grammy Awards is the stupidest idiot in the industry for deciding to snub Morgan Wallen. Wallen is not only one of the top-selling country musicians of all time, but he’s arguably the most famous and popular mainstream entertainer at this moment in history.

There is no reason for the people behind the award to ignore his incredible success this year other than for their own petty, ignorant wants and needs. What a childish individual or group of individuals they must be.

In 2022 alone, he’s beat record after record on the mainstream and country charts, as well as holding his own on one of the biggest North American tours ever. He’s also legitimately qualified to be nominated for an award, according to Billboard.

Apparently his astronomical success and beautiful songwriting wasn’t what the people behind the Grammy Awards were looking for this year. They’d rather nominate people who haven’t been relevant in years, like ABBA and Coldplay. (Lol cringe.)

The woke losers behind the Grammy Awards are probably still wetting the bed about that one time Wallen did something wrong, something he’s more than made up for. Unlike the stubborn and stupid people in the entertainment industry, Wallen realized he made a huge mistake, admitted it, apologized, spent a significant amount of time learning about why his actions were so despicable and was redeemed. (RELATED: Country Music Superstar Morgan Wallen’s Response To Winning ACM Award Will Tug At Your Heartstrings)

I genuinely hope Wallen spends the night of the ceremony surrounded by friends, family, his other awards and all the money he’s made from his epic “Dangerous: The Double Album.” He doesn’t need a trophy. He’s already won by being born as Morgan Wallen, a God-given gift provided to him and the ears of everyone who hears his beautiful music.

With that in mind, here’s one of his best songs. I hope you enjoy.