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Best Supplements for Testosterone

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Whether or not you’ve seen the likes of Joe Rogan and Andrew Huberman talking about ways to naturally boost testosterone levels, or whether you’ve stumbled upon the concept of testosterone boosting supplements from some other internet rabbit hole, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a lot of information on the subject.

And that’s not too surprising, testosterone levels in the US are at the lowest they’ve ever been and the male sex hormone plays a vital role not just in building muscle mass, but in every element of men’s health. And unfortunately for us, our testosterone levels drop by about 1% every year after the age of 30.

Whether that be energy levels, mental health or ahem “evening performance” there’s a host of reasons why men would want to find ways to raise their testosterone levels in a healthy way.

There’s a host of reasons as to why testosterone levels are low across the US, but a lot of it does come down to modern diet and lifestyles, so it’s no real shock that people would look at supplements to boost testosterone.

Can Supplements Boost Testosterone?

Well the good news is yes, the bad news is that a little more than half of the supplements on the market today that claim to boost testosterone levels don’t actually do so when tested and about 10% actually lowered it. But, assuming you’ve done the quick math there with us, you’ll notice that does mean that some do. Whilst there are a few that are a total disaster, most just don’t contain the ingredients in high enough dosages, the majority of test boosters do actually include ingredients proven to work, but if you’re only getting 10% of what you need to have an impact it shouldn’t shock us that they’re not as effective as we’d hope.

So, that brings us to the next bit of good news for men looking to raise testosterone levels, there are actually some good products out there that include the right doses. Oddly enough you won’t tend to find these sorts of testosterone boosting supplements in Walgreens, this tends to be because the margins don’t often work well for store distribution and a lot of these have quite dated formula’s as the science behind testosterone boosting supplements is relatively new, and when companies have millions of products in stores they tend to be slow to say that they got the formula wrong.

As shown in Center TRT studies, the testosterone booster supplements that actually work tend to require you to take quite a few capsules per day, usually 4 or more. There are some specific “testosterone support vitamins” that only cover off the common vitamin deficiencies that can lower testosterone levels that can be smaller, but if you want to get the most from the herbal extracts you simply need more space. DAA for example requires more than a capsule by itself to be effective, Ashwaganda is 600mg minimum and Panax Ginseng (it has to be this type, American Ginseng is very different) tends to be 400mg, at this point we’re getting towards 3 pills and we’ve only talked about 3 of the most well backed ingredients. So, which testosterone supplements do we recommend and why.

Are Testosterone Supplements Legal?

Testosterone boosters are natural supplements designed to boost testosterone naturally, this means that they’re considered a dietary supplement and thus are completely legal.

Our Favorite Testosterone Booster Supplements

Hunter Test – Highest Dosed Testosterone Booster Supplements

Prime Male – Best Testosterone Booster Supplements For Men Over 50

Testofuel – Best Testosterone Boosters For Muscle Mass

Testogen – Fastest Acting Testosterone Boosting Supplements

Hunter Test – Best Testosterone Booster Supplements Overall

Hunter Test is the premium option, butas a testosterone supplement it’s a perfect example of you get what you pay for. It uses some ingredients that the cheaper testosterone boosters simply can’t afford as well as dosing everything at the top end. If you want the best, then get Hunter. There are a couple of specific use cases in which some of the others on this list will outperform it, Testofuel for example leans heavily into the ingredients which also boost athletic performance regardless of their impact on testosterone, and Prime Male could be better if Hunter Test is too strong, but all in all you can’t go wrong with Hunter Test.

Hunter Test Ingredients 5/5

Hunter Test starts by covering off the vitamin and mineral bases. The most common deficiencies men have that lower testosterone levels are d3, zinc and magnesium, so these are covered right from the off. Vitamin D deficiency alone effects more than half of men in the US in a lot of current studies, and when deficient men with low testosterone were given vitamin d supplements they saw over 40% increases in T levels. This is particularly important for people looking to build lean muscle mass as Vitamin d3 can actually raise athletic performance well beyond the recommended daily minimums which is why it’s dosed so much more than you need. We also get 10mg of boron, which has been shown to boost testosterone levels in both healthy and unhealthy men in multiple studies.

Then we get onto the more interesting elements of Hunter’s Testosterone Boosters, Ashwagandha, Indole 3, D Aspartic Acid and Panax Ginseng. Otherwise known as the most expensive elements to stick into a testosterone booster. They’ve also maxed out the dosages with the likes of DAA getting a complete 3000mg and Indole

3 200mg. All of the ingredients except Indole have been studied and shown to boost testosterone levels naturally whereas indole 3 binds to estrogen in the body leaving you with more free testosterone (this is the amount of testosterone that doesn’t get cancelled out by estrogen, it could be described as effective testosterone).

Hunter Test Customer Reviews 5/5

There’s a lot of positive testimonials of Hunter Test online and it is our go to as well. There’s the odd complaint about a lost order which seems to have been rectified when we look at third party sites which verify purchases. All in all there’s a reason why Hunter Test is our go to product.

Hunter Test Conclusion 5/5

If you want the best of the best you get Hunter Test. Turn of phrase aside, it is a good product, yes it’s not the cheapest, but it’s only about $10/month more than the competition and it’s well worth it for what is by far the best testosterone supplement on the market.

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Prime Male – Best Testosterone Booster For Men Over 50

Prime Male is one of the oldest names in the testosterone booster game, having been providing men’s supplements for more than a decade, they’ve revised the formula several times to keep it up to date with new information and is one of the best entries into the market that anyone can chose. They come in with a lower dose of DAA than some of the others on this list, which can be good for people new to testosterone booster supplements. Prime Male are a great all round supplement with a mix of tackling symptoms of low testosterone as well as boosting

athletic performance and free testosterone levels.

Prime Male Ingredients 5/5

Much like Hunter they cover all the core vitamin bases with the addition of K2 and B6 which can help boost energy levels. The stand out ingredient in Prime Male beyond the standard vitamin d, Ashwagandha and the like is Luteolin, which is one of the best ingredients for binding to estrogen and increasing free testosterone levels. The DAA is a little lower than Hunter although 1600mg has still been shown to be effective at raising testosterone levels, but more importantly for many improving gains in lean muscle mass for both trained and untrained men. Having a lower amount than some of the other supplements is better for men over 50 as D Aspartic Acid in particularly high dosages can be more likely to cause stomach upset in older gentlemen when taken for the long term. You do get benefits from taking more, but 1600 is more than enough unless you’re trying to pack on large amounts of muscle mass.

Prime Male Customer Reviews 4.5/5

Considering that Prime Male is one of the oldest testosterone supplements around, and the formula has been reworked to stay in line with the latest studies and clinical trials it says a lot that they’re still held in such high regard. Thousands of positive reviews on third party sites where verified customers boast gains in lean muscle mass and improvements to erectile dysfunction.

With relatively limited complaints, that speaks volumes. In terms of negative reviews, they pretty much come down to people who’ve had a negative reaction to Ashwagandha judging by the complaints, this is relatively low, less than one in one hundred people should experience any issues if they take it with food to avoid any nausea.

Prime Male Conclusion 4.5/5

All in Prime Male is an effective testosterone booster, with a good blend of ingredients designed to bolster testosterone production and target sex hormone binding globulin to reduce estrogen build up. The reviews are good, they’ve got a great track record as a brand and it’s well designed for long term use by older men. If you’re looking for something to support healthy testosterone levels then it’s a great choice. It’s a gentler option than Hunter, making it good for prolonged use. It’s also at a better price point.

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TestoFuel – Best Natural Testosterone Boosters For Lean Muscle

TestoFuel is geared at building muscle, it’s been endorsed by multiple celebrity body builders including multiple Mr Olympia winners such as 4X champ Robby Robinson. It has a good blend of the best testosterone supplements with some added ingredients and dosages designed specifically for packing on muscle mass and enabling you train harder.

They’re also another industry old guard, with a revised formula and a long standing history of good customer service.

The only thing we would say is that the oyster extract is a bit of a gimmick, sure oysters contain zinc, which is a standard, but doesn’t do much beyond that for increasing muscle growth or testosterone levels.

TestoFuel ingredients 4/5

Testofuel comes in with the standard vitamin blend and good amount of DAA, Panax Ginseng, Boron and Fenugreek. It goes heavy on the vitamin d3 to maximise the benefits from vitamin d supplementation to improve gym performance. It also contains Maca root, which whilst not a testosterone booster directly does improve many issues caused by low testosterone. It’s been demonstrated in multiple placebo controlled studies to good for male fertility, libido and “blood flow”. They also use a particularly potent Fenugreek extract that’s equivalent to 800mg of standard powder. This is in line with the successful trials of using it to raise free testosterone levels.

TestoFuel Customer Reviews 5/5

TestoFuel has been a mainstay amongst the bodybuilding community, it’s been used to help improve gains for some time, meaning it has a lot of positive reviews. All in all the customers seem to love it for muscle growth and we’ve generally had a good experience using TestoFuel.

TestoFuel Conclusion 4.5/5

If you’re focused on gaining lean muscle mass, and want a cheaper option to Hunter Test then TestoFuel is a great option. Especially if your a high responder to Fenugreek or Vitamin D. It’s a good product, by a brand that’s been around for a long time with a good track record.

Check TestoFuel Deals

Testogen – Fastest Acting Testosterone Boosters

Testogen comes with an innovative delivery method of liquid drops, it’s a two part system with a standard testosterone booster, but also drops that are designed to be taken before you hit the gym given you an extra kick when you need itmost. Now, it should be noted that the drops include ingredients like Suma Root, which can raise it in the very immediate term, but not over time. The testosterone supplement itself however is designed for that. The booster itself is slightly worse than Prime Male, Hunter and TestoFuel, but combined with the drops it stands out on it’s own as a good product.

Testogen Ingredients 4/5

Testogen has the second largest dose of DAA out of the testosterone boosters on our list, and a good vitamin blend. It’s good on the boron, magnesium vitamin d3 etc although it underdoes the dose of Panax Ginseng and we’d have liked to have seen more, the ideal dose is 200mg and it’s only 40mg in Testogen, which is probably the biggest downside to TestoGen vs the other test boosters on our list. If you take it with the drops however, this does mitigate that as they also contain ginseng, the problem is that the system starts to become a bit complicated when you take pills in the morning drops in the afternoon and pills in the evening etc.

Testogen Customer Reviews 4.5/5

Much like the testosterone boosters here, the overall customer reviews are great. There’s a couple of complaints as you’d expect, it’sa high dose of D Aspartic Acid which can cause a bit of stomach upset.

Testogen Conclusion

Testogen is a good option, if you’re using the drops and the testosterone supplement together, the system is a bit complicated and neither is as good as the other natural testosterone boosters on our list by itself. It earns its place on our testosterone boosting supplements, but it’s probably best for people who have already tried testosterone boosters and want something to get an extra spike at certain times of the day.

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Which Vitamins Are In The Best Testosterone Booster Supplements?

Vitamin D3 – Vitamin D supplementation in men with low testosterone and vitamin d deficiency has been shown to be effective in raising testosterone production. Beyond that it also can dramatically improve athletic performance and has been shown to increase performance up too 5000% of the RDI.

Zinc – Even minor zinc deficiency has been demonstrated to cause low testosterone levels in men, the deficiency is relatively common in the USA making it a good inclusion in most of the best testosterone supplements. There is no need for extra zinc beyond the RDI as this doesn’t seem to make any difference.

Magnesium – Magnesium supplementation has been shown to raise testosterone levels more in individuals who train. It alsois beneficial for getting quality sleep, which also in and of itself raises testosterone levels.

Boron – Boron is quite interesting as far as testosterone boosting minerals go, it’s been shown to raise testosterone levels when supplemented in as little as 6mg. It isn’t actually something that American men are commonly deficient in and too much can be a negative. Any amount in the testosterone boosters on our list are totally safe, but if you’re taking something else with a boron supplement in it, you should make sure not to supplement much more than 10mg.

B Vitamins – B vitamins are essential for gonadal health and the production of testosterone, whilst heavy supplementation doesn’t seem to boost testosterone production beyond the baseline, increased b vitamin supplementation does result in increases to energy and seeing as lethargy is one of the most common symptoms of low testosterone it’s a good inclusion. It’s also particularly good for men wanting to build muscle mass for this reason.

What Herbs Are In The Best Testosterone Boosting Supplements?

Ashwagandha – Ashwagandha makes it into so many dietary supplements due to it’s plethora of health benefits beyond just boosting testosterone levels. It helps with inflammation for joints, purges cortisol for stress, improves sleep quality and so on. Meaning it’s in everything from the best greens powders, through to sleep aids.

Panax Ginseng – Ideally dosed at 200mg Panax Gingseng has been shown to be particularly effective at raising testosterone levels in both healthy and unhealthy men. It’s also been shown to be beneficial for stress and sleep. It does seem to be most effective for the short terms with slightly diminishing returns over time.

Fenugreek – Fenugreek is one of the most tested plants as far as testosterone boosters go, at least in terms of the ones that consistently show positive results. It’s been shown in double blind trials to be effective at raising testosterone levels and improving muscle mass gains with training.

What Other Ingredients Boost Testosterone

Indole 3 Carbinol – Indole 3 Carbinol is important for both male and female hormone levels. It’s not in a lot of natural testosterone supplements although it’s particularly beneficial for male sexual health.

L Arginine – This amino acid is part of the testosterone production process, it’s essential if you want to increase testosterone production.

DAA – We’ve mentioned D Aspartic Acid a lot, it’s particularly beneficial for muscle growth beyond it’s ability to increase testosterone production which makes it a core inclusion in every testosterone booster supplement on our list.

Which Supplements Won’t Help Boost Testosterone Levels Naturally?

There’s a lot of ingredients that are common place in testosterone boosters that aren’t designed to boost testosterone levels, for example, Maca. Maca isn’t actually a bad ingredient as it has been shown to help with libido issues, raise sperm count and aid erectile dysfunction, this does make it useful for some of the symptoms of low testosterone which people may be looking to alleviate although it’s not going to do something for muscle growth or other reasons someone would get a testosterone booster. This is something to keep an eye out for if you’re looking to tackle a specific low testosterone issue.

What Else Can I Do To Raise My Testosterone Levels?

For the most part the best things you can doto raise testosterone levels are reduce stress, sleep a full 6-8 hours and lose weight if you’re overweight as excess body fat is one of the worst things for tanking testosterone. All of these things are symptoms of low testosterone which can compound the issue, but all of them in and of themselves can lower testosterone levels. It’s important to take care of your body as much as possible.

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