Twitter Suspends Famous Detransitioner Chloe Cole For Responding To Trans Activist’s Violent Post


Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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Detransitioner Chloe Cole was suspended from Twitter on Monday for her response to a left-wing activist who advocated for glitter bombing, spitting on and screaming at female activists who oppose sex change surgeries for underage children.

“Yesterday’s successful action should remind us that our movements don’t need to adhere to respectability politics,” Eli Erlick, a left wing activist and transgender advocate, wrote on Twitter. “We glitterbombed, pied, flipped off, screamed at, spit on, and cursed TERFs [trans-exclusionary radical feminists] until they had to leave an hour early. Even these small demoralizing acts do wonders!”

In a tweet that has since been removed, Cole defended the individuals whom Erlick was purportedly harassing. (RELATED: Her Fiancé Abandoned Her When She Refused An Abortion. Years Later, She Works At Pregnancy Center That Helped Her)

“‘Demoralizing’ a group of women who don’t want their kids mutilated and don’t want to see [eggplant emoji] in their changing rooms won’t work out in the long term,” Cole wrote.

Erlick and fellow trans activists showed up in counter-protest to a rally from feminists who are critical of the transgender agenda. Erlick shared a post from WarmUp NYC before the rally. The post encouraged activists to “Bring signs, banners, flags, noisemakers, trombones, vuvuzelas, and all your friends! 👯 Be creative and be bold!” and called for alleged “TERFS + fascists” to “get the boot.”

Twitter did not respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.