‘He Was My Best Friend’: Charles Barkley Reveals Why He Hasn’t Talked To Michael Jordan In 10 Years

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Charles Barkley revealed he hasn’t spoken to fellow NBA great Michael Jordan in 10 years, after he was asked if there have been “ramifications” for giving his honest opinion throughout his television career.

“Michael Jordan, losing his friendship was probably the most prominent thing that’s happened to me,” Barkley admitted during the latest installment of the podcast “Let’s Go!”  hosted by NFL Star quarterback Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray. “But I was being honest about what I thought.”

Barkley was referring to a statement he made to ESPN in 2012, criticizing Jordan for what he believed was his “failed” role as an NBA executive.”I love Michael, but he just has not done a good job,” Barkley said at the time. “Even though he is one of my great friends, I can’t get on here and tell you he’s done a great job. He has not done a great job, plain and simple.”

The problem, Barkley explained, was that Jordan hadn’t hired enough people around him who would offer good advice.

“One thing about being famous is the people around you, you pay all their bills so they very rarely disagree with you because they want you to pick up the check. They want to fly around on your private jet so they never disagree with you,” Barkley said according to ESPN. (RELATED: ‘Mr. Miserable’: Charles Barkley Blasts Kevin Durant)

Barkley revealed on the podcast that he believes his comments offended Jordan.

“And we haven’t spoken in probably almost 10 years. And he was my best friend at the time. And I love the dude like a brother and we’re both stubborn and we haven’t talked,” he concluded.