WH Chief Of Staff’s Holiday Message: Confront Your Family Members

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Just when you thought the government would take a break from telling you how to live this holiday season, President Joe Biden and White House chief of Staff Ron Klain decided to promote further division in American families.

A tweet shared by Klain on Wednesday morning listed out the ways the government wants you, the American public, to deal with “that Uncle” who “comes ‘at you’ about [Biden]” this Thanksgiving. Entitled “President Biden’s Top Accomplishments,” the document details a series of so-called accomplishments by our current president, almost in the form of a cheat sheet for liberals who love POTUS and want to attack and divide relationships at the dinner table.

Aside from the fact that the White House literally couldn’t find enough accomplishments to fill a single sheet of paper, the list is a laughable exercise in virtue-signaling one-liners that are guaranteed to make your auntie say, “bless your heart” to any guest who genuinely believes them.

One has to question the motivation and thought process that went into deciding to craft such a bizarre and hate-derived document so close to the holiday season. The content of the document is a joke on its own, but the insidious nature of a government pushing propaganda during a national celebration begs so many questions that all end up with a dystopian answer.

My hope is that this cheat sheet for hate doesn’t end up anywhere near a Thanksgiving gathering this year. After nearly six years of division, it’s time we put politics aside during the holidays and re-learn the true nature of unconditional love and come together in a collective struggle to afford food under the current cost of unmitigated inflation. (RELATED: What Is Joe Biden Saying? No, Seriously. What Words Are These?)

If you truly want to be the bigger person in literally just your eyes alone, it’s better to offer to pick up the tab for a dinner item in Biden’s America than to confront your “uncle” about how awesome he’s been as a president. Also, if anything on this document was relevant, wouldn’t Biden’s supporters know it anyway…?