Scream About ‘Ancient Apocalypse’ At Your Own Peril, Illiberal Idiots


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Illiberal idiots are having full-blown meltdowns over journalist Graham Hancock’s new Netflix series, “Ancient Apocalypse,” instead of heeding the caution presented in this epic investigation.

For those of you who haven’t binged this epic show yet, it’s essentially a journalistic investigation into ancient sites across the world that suggest the human species reached some form of developed civilization prior the last mini-Ice Age (known as the Younger Dryas period). It’s beautifully shot, wonderfully written, and hosted by the utterly unthreatening and coolest grandfather ever, Graham Hancock.

Despite the tepid and largely BBC-esque nature of the series, the illiberal media is having a freaking meltdown over it’s content, and for literally no good reason. “Archaeologists and their friends in the media are spitting nails about my Ancient Apocalypse series on Netflix and want me cancelled…” Hancock tweeted about two weeks after the show first premiered, attaching screenshots of some of the most hysterical headlines one could possibly read.

WalesOnline said the series “promotes racist conspiracy theories.” It doesn’t, not even a little bit. The Guardian called it “the most dangerous show on Netflix.” For faux-liberals who actually hate freedom of thought and speech, and love governmental tyranny and dependence on the state for survival, I can see why this show is incredibly dangerous.

The greatest takeaway from Hancock’s investigation, in my opinion, is not the evidence supporting a near-extinction event against the human species some 11,700 – 12,900 years ago, but how remarkable the future development of our species was should Hancock’s theories be proven correct.

Recent discoveries suggest that the elite, educated members of our species had to work with hunter-gatherer societies in order to keep the species going during the Younger Dryas period of history. To me, this says that those folks stuck inside of cities, detached from the natural world, are most at-risk should the world face a cataclysmic natural (or unnatural) disaster… just like those riling against Hancock. (RELATED: How Is Mike Tyson Still Conscious In This Wild Montage With Graham Hancock?)

Ignore the details and data presented by Hancock at your peril. As the old adage goes, those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. With globalized crises reaching fever pitch, wouldn’t you feel more comfortable knowing that you can take care of yourself and your loved ones with what nature provides you, so that when the lights go out, the internet shuts off, and the stores close down, you can help yourself and not be lost to history like almost all of humanity before us?