Fan Beats And Stabs His TV To Death After Mexico Gets Eliminated From World Cup

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Well, isn’t this spectacular?

Mexico squared off against Saudi Arabia Nov. 30 in FIFA World Cup Group C play, with the latter picking up the 2-1 win. However, the Mexicans still ended up eliminated from the tournament, missing out from advancing to the Round of 16 after losing to Poland in goal difference.

In stoppage time, Mexico had the 2-0 advantage, but after Poland’s loss to Argentina, who won Group C, both Mexico and Poland had the exact same scoreline, being level on each points, goal difference, goals scored, goals conceded and head-to-head record, with the two teams having a 0-0 draw in their World Cup opening games.

Poland would have one edge though, and it was a narrow one with fair play points. In response, Mexico was forced to press their players forward in an attempt to get a goal to see them advance into the knockout stage. However, Saudi Arabia caught them on the break, which gave Poland the one goal advantage to punch their tickets into the Round of 16 — Poland has 0 GD, while Mexico was eliminated with a -1 figure.

Well, let’s just say, some Mexican fans didn’t take this well:

Some of you may know how much of a fan I am of crash content, and this right here is a classic example of why I love it so much. This man really beat and stabbed the hell out of his TV because of his team getting eliminated from the World Cup.

Which brings me to another point: Man, I love how intense people get with this sport.

We’ve had riots, bar brawls, alcohol being thrown all over the place in said bars, and now we have people literally stabbing their TVs into its grave. On the flip side with celebrations, we’ve had that beautiful crash content as well. Does everybody remember just recently when a Saudi Arabia fan took off his front door and threw it into the yard after they landed a goal against Argentina, a goal that sealed the deal for the upset win by the way? (RELATED: Saudi Arabia Soccer Fan Rips Door Off His House To Celebrate Go-Ahead Goal Against Argentina)

Damn, this World Cup has been so much fun to cover.

Give me more.