Saudi Arabia Soccer Fan Rips Door Off His House To Celebrate Go-Ahead Goal Against Argentina

[TikTok/Screenshot/Public — User: @os.nx]

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Now this is how you celebrate!

Saudi Arabia pulled off a huge upset in the FIFA World Cup against Argentina, winning 2-1 Tuesday in group play. Heading into the game, Argentina had a 36-game winning streak, and the team is ranked third in FIFA’s world rankings. Saudi Arabia is ranked 51st.

To put it into perspective how big this win really is: 1) Saudi Arabia (+1800) had the biggest World Cup win in tournament history in terms of betting odds over Argentina, according to BetMGM; 2) Saudi Arabia is shutting down the entire country and taking Wednesday off to celebrate the win; 3) This is the third story I’ve written on Saudi Arabia’s victory today; and 4) You have this guy literally ripping the door off of his house after the Saudis landed the go-ahead goal against the Argentinians.

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Soccer fans are known to lose their absolute minds, and here’s a Class-A example of that. Most people refer to it as hooliganism, which it is — but still, how can you not love this?

The entire situation is hilarious. First, you have this huge room that has literally nothing in it but a big-screen TV and couch padding around the room for people sitting on the floor. One of the only true assets of that room is the front door of the house. But then, the one guy grabs the door off its hinges in celebration and slings it into his yard with a loud crash, which can be heard in the background of the video. (RELATED: Whatever Nation Wins The World Cup Will Get All Of The Budweiser Beers That Qatar Banned)

And did you peep the random guy who was just sitting there all calm, watching everybody flip their lids?

World Cup, give me more.