‘My Son Is My Hero’: Video Shows 15-Year-Old Lifting Truck Off Of Father

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Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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A teenager in Oakdale, California saved his father’s life in November by lifting a truck off of him as they were working on it.

After returning home late on a Monday night, Matthew Wilkinson needed to fix his work truck and so he asked his son to help him, a job they had done many times before Wilkinson told KCRA 3. Because the rotor was stuck, Wilkinson “couldn’t get a good angle,” so he went under the truck to hit it. The rotor came off, and the truck fell. (RELATED: ‘He’s Our Hero’: School Resource Officer Rams Truck During High Speed Chase Near School)

“I know it rolled forward because I saw it roll forward and it fell right on top of me,” Wilkinson told KCRA 3. “All I could think about was the breath coming out of me. I was just squished. I couldn’t talk. I couldn’t yell.”

Wilkinson could not understand how he freed himself from the truck, so he asked his son, a freshman at Oakdale High School, to view the surveillance footage. The footage showed that his 15-year-old son had raised the truck just enough for his father to escape.

“It just dropped right on him,” Dalin Wilkinson told KCRA 3. “I was scared. I heard him make a noise like his soul was leaving his body. It was crazy. I just ran over and tried as hard as I could to get it up enough to get him out.”

“My son is my hero. He saved my life,” Matthew Wilkinson told KCRA 3.