Tennessee Titans Sack GM Jon Robinson In Stunning Decision After A.J. Brown Trade Came Back To Haunt Them

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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Why on Earth would you get rid of A.J. Brown to begin with?

The Tennessee Titans fired Jon Robinson as their general manager (GM), the team announced Tuesday. Taking over as interim GM will be Ryan Cowden, who is currently vice president of player personnel for the Titans.

The franchise made “significant progress both on and off the field through investments in leadership, personnel and new ideas,” but “there is more to be done and higher aspirations to be met,” Titans owner Amy Adams Strunk said in her announcement.

The timing of the whole thing is quite odd, to say the least. The Tennessee Titans are sitting pretty right now with a winning 7-5 record, and are first place in the AFC South for the third straight season. On top of that, you have the fact that Robinson previously signed a contract extension with the team back in February.

And the firing also comes two days after the Titans lost to the Philadelphia Eagles, who picked up A.J. Brown from Tennessee in April during the 2022 NFL Draft (this, of course, after Robinson’s extension).

Oh yeah, we see what’s going on here.

To make matters worse for Robinson, Brown completely flamed the Eagles on Sunday, pulling in 119 yards and two touchdowns to help Philadelphia glide past Tennessee with no problem for the 35-10 blowout win. Oh, and another stat that completely justifies the firing: Brown — by himself — nearly has more receiving yards and touchdowns than the entire Titans receiving corps in the 2022 season.

In other words, trading away A.J. Brown proved to be a complete embarrassment for the Titans ownership, and they clearly want to separate themselves from that humiliation (Jon Robinson) as much as humanly possible. (RELATED: Tom Brady Got Pissed, Sparked A Double-Digit Comeback Win And Now The Entire NFL Is Doomed)

And now they got Robinson out here like:

I’m not sure how Titans head coach Mike Vrabel is feeling about everything, but after his reaction to the Titans getting rid of A.J. Brown on NFL Draft night, I can take a pretty good guess.

What a stupid decision it was for Tennessee to get rid of A.J. Brown, and now the entire thing has blown up in their faces like I’ve never seen before.

I don’t blame Tennessee one bit for canning Jon Robinson.

That trade was just a horrendous move, one of the most horrendous in NFL history.