Nunchuks And Saw Blades: TSA Confiscates An Armory’s Worth Of Weapons From Carry-On Bag

Mary Rooke Commentary and Analysis Writer
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A man’s carryon was flagged at a U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoint in New York City on Sunday for containing banned items.

TSA confiscated six prohibited items, including nunchucks and saw blades, from an airline passenger traveling through New York City on Sunday, according to a TSA spokesperson.

“A lump of coal for this guy for the holiday,” TSA spokesperson Lisa Farbstein tweeted with a picture of the confiscated items. “Six prohibited items among a traveler’s carry-on items at @LGAairport on Sunday – 3 saw blades, nunchucks, a switchblade and a knife that folds into a bullet-shaped sheath. @TSA recommends packing these items in a checked bag.”

TSA officers at the Pittsburgh International Airport announced their 25th gun seizure after a Westmoreland County man allegedly packed a loaded 9mm handgun into his carry-on bag. (RELATED: REPORT: Onlookers Scream As Boat Propeller Kills Woman Trying To Grab Sandals From Water)

In 2021, the agency found almost 6,000 firearms on passengers and in their carryons, TSA officials told CBS News in Dec. 2021. “The vast majority of weapons — 85% — were loaded with ammunition. Airports in Atlanta, Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston ranked highest in confiscated firearms,” CBS reported.