Horrifying Video Shows Cord Snapping On Amusement Park Ride, Slamming Passengers Into Beam

(Screenshot/AlbyLad_ via TMZ)

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Horrifying video footage shows the moment a popular amusement park ride in the United Kingdom went very wrong and hurled passengers at a support beam, then left them dangling and suspended mid-air.

The incident took place on the slingshot ride in London’s Hyde Park, according to Daily Mail. The ride normally launches two people directly up into the air by using two cords and sending them up like a slingshot. It appears that in this instance, one of the cords snapped after the passengers were launched into the air. They are slammed against the support beam at full force, and the cord visibly coils while they remain suspended mid-air.

Other guests at the amusement park looked on in horror as the ride smashed and whipped around while dangling by the singular cord, as seen in the video footage.

The riders were reportedly rescued and escorted down without suffering any injuries, a Hyde Park Winter Wonderland spokesperson told Daily Mail.

“We can confirm that a technical issue involving the reverse bungee occurred on Wednesday evening,” the spokesperson said. “Both riders were safely escorted off the ride, checked by our on-site medics and were not injured.”

The representative went on to provide more information regarding the safety measures that were in place at the time of the incident. (RELATED: ‘It’s Unforgivable’: Operator Error Caused Teen’s Deadly Fall At Amusement Park, Ride Safety Expert Says)

“Safety is our highest priority and the ride is closed while further investigation takes place. All of our rides undergo rigorous and regular safety checks by experienced members of staff trained in health and safety. We also provide regular training for all staff to ensure our visitors can enjoy a fun and safe experience,” the spokesperson added, according to Daily Mail.

The remaining attractions at Winter Wonderland remained active and were operating as normal.