Which State Watches The Most Fox News?

(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Matthew Holloway Contributor
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An analysis released Tuesday ranked U.S. states by Fox News viewership.

Ryan Burge, who teaches political science at Eastern Illinois University, conducted the analysis using UCLA Nationscape data.

According to Burge, the state that watches Fox News the least is Vermont, the home of Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders, where a mere 27% people reported getting political news from Fox in the past week.

The state with the largest share of Fox News viewers is Nevada, where 50% of people reported tuning in during the preceding week, followed by Georgia with 47%, Burge tweeted.

“Even in blue states like NY, CA, and IL, Fox News is watched by 40%+” Burge added.

According to Burge’s analysis of the data, some of the most conservative states in the nation — such as Iowa, West Virginia and Wyoming — all have much lower percentages of Fox News viewers, at 34%, 38% and 39%, respectively. Surprisingly, a greater percentage of Californians than Iowans said they’d watched Fox in the past week.

Burge told the Daily Caller that he used publicly available data but wasn’t sure “if anyone has actually done the analysis I posted.”

Fox News has been America’s most-watched cable news network every year since 2016, according to The Hill. In 2022, Fox averaged 1.4 million viewers per day, soundly beating competitors MSCBC (733,000) and CNN (568,000), The Hill reported.