Multiple Players Set To Stay In Flashy Cheez-It Themed Hotel Room Before Bowl Games As A Part Of NIL Deal

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Now this is pretty damn cool.

We’re just days away from the Cheez-It Bowl and the Citrus Bowl, with both games being played at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida. And leading up to the games, four college football players from different schools will have the privilege of staying in a literal room made of cheese. Okay, maybe it’s not made of cheese, but it’s cheese-themed.

The Cheez-It Bowl is set for Dec. 29 between Florida State and Oklahoma, while LSU and Purdue will square off in the Citrus Bowl on Jan. 2.

Not only do a few of the players have the bowl game to look forward to, they also get to stay in a cool-ass Cheez-It themed hotel room as part of the festivities. As part of a name, image, and likeness (NIL) deal, one student from each school gets the chance to stay in the room, and say what you want, it’s not cheesy at all (pun intended). In fact, it’s quite a flashy little room, and it’s set up at the Hilton Orlando, so you know it’s going to be nice.

Just look at this bad boy:

These NIL deals just get cooler and cooler.

I understand that the whole name, image, and likeness thing is causing a ton of chaos in college sports and it’s pretty much turning everything professional when these kids are just, well, kids, but you can’t help but to enjoy the views when you see stuff like this. (RELATED: The College Football Playoff Will Be Shown In Select Movie Theaters, And That’s Absolutely Glorious)

Hell, I’d love to stay in a Cheez-It themed hotel room, I would totally take French’s Mustard-themed Nike Air Force Ones like Tennessee quarterback Hendon Hooker, I would take pretty much all of these NIL deals that are coming at these athletes. They’re cool as hell, and this is just another one.

I’m loving this whole NIL thing. Anything with flash and dash, and I’m in.