Jake Tapper Sounds Legitimately Shocked To Discover GOP Interests Diverge From CNN’s Anchors

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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CNN’s Jake Tapper sounded legitimately shocked Tuesday to discover Republican’s interests aren’t that of CNN anchors.

The House of Representatives will hold a second ballot for the Speakership for the first time since 1923 after Republican leader Kevin McCarthy failed to garner enough support.

Tapper and other CNN anchors were live covering the vote when Tapper claimed McCarthy has caved to the “MAGA wing” before appearing to be shocked that McCarthy’s Twitter profile features hot-topic issues for Republicans.

“Why does Kevin McCarthy want to be the Speaker? What is he offering or selling to the Republican caucus or the Republican conference about his leadership that cannot be replicated?” Tapper asked. “He has been giving [the MAGA wing] everything that they want, and if you go to Kevin McCarthy’s Twitter page, and the pinned tweet that he wants everybody to see … is about Hunter Biden and he is all in on this MAGA business.”


McCarthy pinned a tweet that reads “accountability is coming.” (RELATED: Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw Ridicules ‘Narcissists’ Who Oppose McCarthy For Speaker)

The associated link lays out McCarthy’s priorities, which include the border crisis, China, social media censorship and the Hunter Biden laptop.

McCarthy failed to get enough votes, however, with 10 Republicans voting for Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs and nine others voting for non-nominated candidates. McCarthy needs 218 votes to be names Speaker, forcing him to flip at least 15 members on the second go-around.