‘They Want To Disable Oversight’: Vince Coglianese Breaks Down ‘Stunt’ Story About Biden And Secret Documents

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Daily Caller Editorial Director and WMAL host Vince Coglianese questioned the timing of newly released investigations showing that top secret documents were discovered in a private office belonging to then-Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden’s personal attorneys allegedly stumbled across the documents while packing files and notified the National Archives and Records Administration, CNN reported citing two sources familiar with the matter. Several of the classified documents were allegedly related to issues like Ukraine, Iran and the U.K., CNN reported. (RELATED: Joy Reid Says It’s ‘Disturbing’ That Republicans Want To Investigate Hunter Biden, Others)

Biden was reportedly unaware that the documents were found at the office and was notified through the White House counsel’s office, CNN reported.

Coglianese said Tuesday that the timing was meant to destroy the credibility of Republicans who want to investigate the DOJ and other intelligence agencies.

“When did they know about it? It was before the election, obviously, before the midterms. When did we find out about it? Well, after the midterms,” Coglianese said.

“The guy was vice president of the United States … he absconded with classified information. It ends up in his think tank at the University of Pennsylvania and they just discover it and now the story we are all supposed to believe is, ‘look how responsible he was’?”

Coglianese said the story is meant to be a “roundabout attack on [former President Donald] Trump” and added that what the mainstream media fails to note in the debate surrounding Trump and documents found at Mar-a-Lago is that the president has the ability to declassify documents whereas a vice president does not.

“These documents, according to the official reporting on the subject, were discovered on Nov. 2, that is six days before the midterms. So the United States government, which is currently led by Joe Biden, and the Justice Department, which is currently led by Merrick Garland, decided it was in your best interest to withhold from you that they had found classified information inside of Joe Biden’s private offices from his time as vice president that had clearly been there for some length of time over the course of the last six years.”

“They decided it’s not worth you knowing about it. No raid on the site, no FBI door kicking, no blasting into the room, taking pictures of everything, releasing them to the public, big declarations of treason, none of this. And yet, what do we get last night? Well the revelation comes out. All of a sudden now we’re finding out about this.”

“Why now is the question. And I have a theory as to the answer. Why now? Well one, it is of course after the midterms, the damage of such a revelation is gone, once again the Justice Department has meddled in an election, refused to tell the American people things that were germane ahead of an election so that they could make a reasoned judgement about whether or not they wanted to continue to support the party in power. That is obviously true, that information was kept from us.”

“But another piece of this is that this very week, Republicans took over the United States House of Representatives and not only did they take over the House, they forced Kevin McCarthy to govern as a speaker who will allow a robust, detailed, deep investigation into the corruption inside of the federal government, a church-style committee à la the Church Committee of the 1960s, dedicated to looking into the corruption and the anti-American behavior of the federal government.”

“That investigation is beginning. So what the left needs at this moment is material. They need to provide CNN, CBS, NBC, New York Times with things that they can grab onto to make the claim that justice is blind, that our justice system doesn’t just pursue Republicans … No, our justice system is as pure as the driven snow,” Coglianese continued.

Coglianese predicted that “nothing will come of this” and called it a mere “stunt” for Democrats.

“It is an attempt for the Biden Administration, for Merrick Garland, for the FBI, for Joe Biden to sell a lie to the American people that our justice system is good and not corrupt and working as intended.”

“These are all Biden-controlled institutions, they are the only ones who control whether or not this information makes it to the press. Why did they say this this week? Why did they even reveal it? They didn’t have to. Because they’re trying to feed a talking point to the left. They want to disable the church commission, they want to disable oversight, they want to cast any attempt to look closely at the United States Department of Justice … as nothing more than a conspiracy theory run amok.”

The Republican-led House has revealed several issues they want to investigate including the deadly botched Afghanistan withdrawal as well as the pandemic, including Dr. Anthony Fauci’s handling of it. The House also passed a rules package Monday which includes the creation of a subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government under the House Judiciary Committee.

Officials at the Pentagon have reportedly been preparing for several investigations under new Republican control, especially after Republicans released a 1,000 page report in November detailing alleged “politicization” of the FBI and Department of Justice.

Takeaways from the report include allegations that FBI leadership abused its “law-enforcement authorities for political reasons” while also “artificially inflating and manipulating domestic violent extremism statistics for political purposes.” The report also alleged the “Justice Department and FBI conducted an unprecedented raid on a former president’s home.”