‘What Is The White House Trying To Hide?’: Peter Doocy Confronts KJP In Feisty Exchange

[Screenshot/YouTube/White House press briefing]

Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy confronted White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on the second batch of documents found in the garage of President Joe Biden’s Delaware home.

Biden’s special counsel Richard Sauber announced that classified documents were found in the garage during a Wednesday search of his residences. His lawyers discovered ten documents with classification markings in the president’s private office at the Penn Biden Center in November, which were later turned over to the National Archives and Records Administration.

“What is the White House trying to hide?” Doocy asked.

“Nothing,” Jean-Pierre replied.

“So they gave the president a statement to read on Tuesday that was incomplete at best, misleading at worst, who?” he continued.

“I have read out the president’s statement,” she said. “I have read it out yesterday and what he said. He said he respects and takes classified information and documents very seriously. That’s what he said. He said he did not know that the records were there, he does not know what’s in them. You’ve heard from him directly from him on this and his team has cooperated fully, fully, and not only that, and the attorney general said this himself, that he heard from the team shortly after. We have laid out what has occurred here.”


The president said Tuesday that he was “surprised” to learn that classified documents were stored in his office and that he does not know about the content in the documents. He and the White House have assured that they are fully cooperating with the Justice Department in the midst of its investigation into the documents. (RELATED: Doocy Asks Jean-Pierre How Biden Could Be ‘That Irresponsible’ With Classified Documents) 

Doocy further asked Jean-Pierre on providing transparency to the public regarding visitors to the president’s Delaware home.

“When will the White House release a log of visitors to the Wilmington house?” Doocy continued.

“You know, Peter, you’ve asked this question, or your colleagues have asked this question before. Let’s not forget what we did  here in this White House. We’ve instituted something that the last administration got rid of, which is making sure that there was a White House log, an extensive White House log so people got to see—”

“What about in his Wilmington house where there were potentially unsecured, classified material?” he asked.

“Again, we did something that the last administration got rid of, which is instituting the White House logs,” she said. “Did you ask the last administration why they got rid of the White House logs?”

Doocy argued that the public should know who had access to this material during their visits to the president’s private home. Earlier Thursday, Biden told Doocy that the documents were in safe storage in his locked garage and that he is cooperating fully with the Justice Department.

Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed special counsel Robert Hur, who was nominated by former President Donald Trump, to lead the investigation into whether Biden mishandled classified material Thursday.