It Looks Like HBO Has Another Mega Hit On Its Hands


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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The second episode of “The Last of Us” aired Sunday on HBO, scoring the largest-ever viewership growth for a drama from the premiere.

Measurements by Nielsen found that the first episode of apocalyptic drama “The Last Of Us” had roughly 4.7 million viewers, but that number increased by 22% to 5.7 million by the second episode, according to Variety. Later reports suggest that the second episode of the show lead by “Narcos” actor Pedro Pascal has already had 10 million viewers!

And are we surprised? Heck no! The first episode of “The Last Of Us” was one of best premieres ever put out by HBO. The second episode was no different.

The opening sequence for episode two is arguably one of the most chilling of any show ever. We’re introduced to the origin of Cordyceps virus, the start of societal breakdown and the measures taken by global governments to stop the spread of the zombie-like fungal outbreak.

From here, we’re dragged around apocalyptic Boston and finally introduced to the terrifying, revolting monsters created through Cordyceps infection. I don’t recommend watching this episode alone. (RELATED: ‘The Last Of Us’ REVIEW: The Apocalypse Like You’ve Never Seen It Before)

On more than one occasion, the tension, shock and absolutely flawless filmmaking from the writers, cinematographers and art department had me audibly screaming.


I was devastated at the death of Tess, but she defined herself as one of the strongest female role models ever invented by Hollywood. I hate that we have to wait a whole week for the next episode, but check out this haunting preview, starring Nick Offerman.