‘The Last Of Us’ REVIEW: The Apocalypse Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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HBO’s “The Last Of Us” premiered Sunday night, and it’s arguably the best piece of dystopian fiction ever created.

From the opening scene, “The Last Of Us” is a subtle yet powerful television show. The writers throw the viewer into a fairly typical apocalyptic set-up, where scientists are ridiculed for their warnings, and a normal family goes about their average day in early 2000s Texas as the tension builds, nerve over nerve.

We’re lulled into a false sense of security as actor Pedro Pascal’s lead character goes about his haphazard life, offering some comic relief between the ultra-fine storylines woven within what quickly becomes a horrifying tale. Without giving away too many spoilers, things quickly stop being so normal for Pascal, and for the human world as a whole.

In fact, so much happens that you absolutely cannot take your eyes away from the screen once you start this sure-to-be superb new series.

The first big takeaway from episode one was just how effectively the writing held a mirror up to our blissful ignorance as a society. It reminds us to pay attention to the small changes around us that the government or science may fail to acknowledge until it’s too late. The second major takeaway? “The Last Of Us” is the best advertisement for why your home should be a fortress.

Beyond the storytelling, “The Last Of Us” is wonderfully filmed, with some of the best effects to come out of Hollywood for quite some time. You’ll laugh, scream and cry, all in the first 20 minutes of what will soon be your new favorite show. (RELATED: The Latest Trailer For ‘The Last Of Us’ Will Send Chills Down Your Spine)

While many new series have to release a handful of episodes to introduce the audience to a new idea, “The Last Of Us” only needed one. HBO’s leadership must be absolutely thrilled with their purchase. It’s sure to make the network a lot of money.

This is the future as you’ve never seen it before. It’s realistic, believable to a chilling degree, and is sure to go down in history as one of the top-ranking dystopian, post-apocalyptic pieces of fiction ever.