FDA Wants ‘Limits’ On Lead In Baby Food, Claims We Can’t Remove It All


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said Tuesday that they’re only now proposing limits on the levels of lead found in processes baby food.

At present, the FDA allows American babies to eat processed foods with so much lead in it that they want to reduce it by 24-27%, according to a new draft guidance issued by the administration. This revelation begs the question: how much lead has the unelected idiots at the FDA let us put into our children’s bodies until now?!

Lead in the system of developing lives can lead to a slew of issues, including brain damage, lowered IQ, and even death in extreme cases, according to the Environmental Working Group.

“Although it is not possible to remove these elements entirely from the food supply, we expect that the recommended action levels will cause manufacturers to implement agricultural and processing measures to lower lead levels,” the FDA claimed, revealing their own failures to protect the macro-food supply chain. You know, that thing they created so we’re all completely dependent on other people for our food instead of growing it ourselves?

There are plenty of ways to ensure that we’re not ingesting horrendously poisonous toxins and giving them to our most vulnerable demographic. The first, most obvious way is to not eat synthetic crap that comes from factories, to shop local, and to feed your children naturally available products.

But this common sense solution wasn’t pushed by the FDA in their release. “The action levels in today’s draft guidance are not intended to direct consumers in making food choices,” FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition Susan Mayne said in the release.

“To support child growth and development, we recommend parents and caregivers feed children a varied and nutrient-dense diet across and within the main food groups of vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy and protein foods,” she continued, which wasn’t so bad.

However, Mayne signs her name with her PhD title after it; having consulted for and ghostwritten for countless PhD candidates, I can assure you that this title means absolutely nothing. It just means you’re not a real doctor, so why is she in a position to give health advice? (RELATED: Why The Hell Are Eggs So Expensive? Everything You Need To Know About Eggmageddon)

If the FDA isn’t ensuring the safety of our food and doctors are recommending surgery for all the fat children waddling around instead of a healthy diet, then what the heck is the point in the FDA? I’m pretty sure my grandparents and great grandparents didn’t need to spend their tax dollars on an institution that claimed to help them, but allowed them to feed their children lead.