76ers’ Joel Embiid Makes Wild Gesture During Celebration. Nets’ Kevin Durant Talks Trash From Home

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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The Philadelphia 76ers and Brooklyn Nets squared off Jan. 25, with the Sixers pulling out the 137-133 win, but it’s what happened in the middle of the game that has people (like Kevin Durant) losing their shit.

During the third quarter, Joel Embiid hit a layup that put him on the line for a three-point play after being fouled. Before going to the line, Embiid dropped a legendary D-Generation X crotch chop — but not everybody was happy about it.

“Trash celebration [Joel Embiid],” Durant tweeted.

Embiid went to speak to the media after the game, but before he did, he took to Twitter to respond to Durant.

The 28-year-old Sixers big man sent a video of himself (captioned #SuckIt) doing multiple crotch chops over the D-Generation X (DX) theme, including himself in the legendary DX music video, which sent Embiid into absolute laughter.

Durant — who missed his seventh straight game due to a sprained right MCL — said he missed “talking shit” to both Embiid and Montrezl Harrell in a Tweet before the interaction went down between him and the Sixers center.

The whole situation reminds me of this glorious moment between Embiid and Durant:

I already liked Joel Embiid before, but I love the guy after this. (RELATED: Watch LeBron James Get Pissed Off At A Heckler After Looking Incredibly Depressed Against The Los Angeles Clippers)

Anybody who makes a D-Generation X reference is cool with me — and it wasn’t that he just made a reference, my man put himself in the DX music video like a (bleeping) legend. It’s truly one of the greatest trolling moves I’ve ever seen.

Joel Embiid needs to be in the Hall of Fame for this.