Five Million Dollars In Reparations Isn’t Enough?!

Chrissy Clark Education Reporter
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San Francisco officials are now saying that $5 million in reparations payments for black residents isn’t enough, according to a report from National Review.

I hate to say these words, but I told you so. A few weeks ago it was reported that San Francisco proposed $5 million in reparation payments for black residents. I sarcastically said, “I’ll wait for someone to tell me that isn’t enough.”

And low and behold here we are …

San Francisco officials haven’t come up with or suggested they will propose a new number for reparations. The reparations board just needs everyone to know that $5 million isn’t enough.

Some estimates have the cost of this program at $112.5 billion, when the entire budget for the city is $14 billion. Insane!

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