State Rep Proposes Bill To Make Minnesota A ‘Trans Refuge’


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A new bill proposed by the Minnesota legislature seeks to make the state a “trans refuge” for those seeking gender-affirming therapies and surgery.

State Rep. Leigh Finke of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor party sponsored HF146 in the hopes that it “would make Minnesota into a trans refuge state by protecting trans people, their families and medical practitioners from the legal repercussions of traveling to Minnesota to receive gender-affirming care,”per Fox News.

“This need is desperate in my community. This is not a hypothetical scenario,” Finke said per the outlet. “There are gender-diverse people in Minnesota right now receiving gender-affirming care. More are fleeing their home states asking where they should turn.”

Finke pointed to other states that have enacted laws banning these treatments for minors, which the representative says has created “a culture of fear in children and their parents, and in adults, leading some to move to another state to get gender-affirming health care,” according to a Minnesota House of Representatives news release.

Utah banned gender-affirming care for minors on Jan 28, arguing that such “radical” procedures have not been sufficiently researched.  Florida also banned hormone therapy and puberty blockers for anyone under the age of 18 and gender reassignment surgery for children and adolescents in October.

HF146 would counter these measures taken by other states by allowing those who are seeking gender-affirming care and treatment to receive it in Minnesota with no legal repercussions incurred on them by their state of residence, specifically in regards to child protection laws, the news release explained. (RELATED: America ‘Most Permissive Country’ For Sex Change Surgeries, Study Shows)

The Minnesota House Judiciary Finance and Civil Law Committee offered up amendments to the bill Tuesday and laid it over for future consideration, the news release stated.